Don’t fall foul of the metric measure!

March 30, 2014

mis measureAny skilled worker will tell you that they had the following drummed in to them from their first day at work: ‘Measure twice and cut once.’ It reduces the risk of wasting precious materials and is the key to all successful DIY jobs.

So our hearts sink when we hear of people who have ordered the wrong size blind due to a simple error. We strive to ensure that any potential for error is ruled out, but sometimes things do go awry.

The best example of this is when customers come to fill in our on-line order page. We specify that measurements should be given in centimetres, so when that is ignored the problem is clear to see. Unfortunately it’s illustrated vividly in the image accompanying this post. This customer was expecting a blind 30 inches wide, so they were naturally disappointed when a blind considerably smaller turned up.

Since all blinds are made especially to each customer’s requirements and to fit a specific window it isn’t possible to take blinds back or alter them in any way. Sorry about that, but each mis-measure requires a fresh, new order.

We run our eye over every order and double check if you like, on occasions we may query an order, but we’re not in a position to second-guess every customer.