How to fit Made To Measure Blinds in a challenging setting

April 21, 2014

Blogimage2Our Made To Measure Blinds offer such great flexibility that they often work well in a potentially challenging setting.

One challenge people often face concerns tilt and turn windows.

To get the full benefit of such a window customers still want to be able to open the window in the way it was intended – obviously.

After all, what’s the point of having a window that offers such great flexibility if it is stuck behind a blind which restricts its opening?

It might not seem immediately obvious how to achieve this.

But here’s the answer:

  • Choose a Venetian Blind
  • Fit the blind to the part of the window frame that opens – not the static frame
  • Add a bracket at the bottom to prevent the blind flopping forward if the top edge of the window is tilted outwards.

When measuring up – before ordering your Made To Measure Blind – it’s important that you measure the width to the edge of the window’s handle.

Also, at the bottom add 3cm to the drop past where the glass ends, so you can fit the hold-down brackets at the bottom, thereby allowing you to tilt the window as we’ve described, without the blind falling forward.

We have suggested a Venetian blind as your best option, but it is possible to fit a Roller blind. In this scenario you might find that the blind will prevent the window from opening fully, since the bracket will protrude approximately 4cm.

So before you look at your tilt and turn window and dismiss the possibility of fitting a blind it’s always worth contacting us first.

Our wealth of experience when it comes to supplying and fitting blinds means that most people come back to us time after time – especially when they appreciate what lengths we go to in order to help them select and then fit the blind that best meets their needs.