Why so many homes in Britain have a conservatory and how to choose the right blind for one

April 28, 2014

bali goldHuge numbers of homeowners are adding conservatories as a means of expanding their living space.

It’s reported that 200,000 apply for home extensions and conservatory planning permission every year, and that doesn’t take into account the conservatories added to properties without the need for planning permission.

But what are the advantages and why would you go to such expense?

Some main considerations include:

  • Add to your property’s value – the cost of adding a conservatory will be reflected in the selling price should you decide to move, giving you an edge over similar properties on sale at the same time as yours.
  • Provide additional space for entertaining – either create an extra reception room or use as a dining room to free up an existing dining area for other purposes. Dining in a conservatory offers a fabulous atmosphere and by opening wide your fashionable folding doors you can enjoy bringing the outside in, making the most of your garden without actually being outside.
  • Use the conservatory as a main lounge or reading room – this leaves the current lounge free for use as a home cinema or other entertainment space. Or if your conservatory serves as a complementary sitting room it provides the perfect place for reading or quiet hobbies. Related equipment can be discreetly stored.
  • Use as a home office – a custom-built space for work or study is much better suited for this purpose rather than using the corner of another room already designated for other purposes. Not only can you escape the distractions of the house but you will be working in a light, airy room which is permanently equipped for the purpose. Productivity will sky rocket.

Blinds play a crucial role in providing a fabulous finish to the look of the conservatory – as well as offering shade, privacy and helping to keep the temperature just right.

Our recommendation is that vertical blinds are a good choice.

They offer the most versatility, but they are closely followed by roller blinds and venetian blinds.

If you’re keen to retain heat in winter months pleated blinds – with aluminium backing – will help to control the temperature.