When being distressed is a good thing – especially when a Made To Measure Blind is part of the picture

October 10, 2014

Houston sofa

Barker and Stonehouse

Distressed materials are making a big impact in our homes – which is great news if you like Made To Measure Blinds.

It seems like we’re all a bit distressed at the moment – but for once, that’s no bad thing.

Distressed materials have been around for a while, but this season they’re really telling a strong story in our homes – and the results are great.

That elegantly worn look is creeping into all aspects of our living rooms, from leather to wood and wrought iron, materials which all complement the made to measure blinds that make your home complete.

Pretty pair of recycled wood picture frames from Littlewoods

As ever with home décor, there are a few tips to consider that will make sure you don’t overdo your dishevelled drama.

Remember, shabby chic is a delicious look, but too much makes your room look simply shabby.

Pick one or two key items to display carefully-selected ‘wear and tear’ and you can’t go wrong.

For instance, we’re knocked out by the Mary Rose piece from Barker and Stonehouse shown here. It’s a TV stand, but with its soft colours and handy cupboards it works well anywhere in the home.


Scrapwood wallpaper by Pierrot et Coco

It’s named after Henry VIII’s sunken flagship, because this piece and all the others in the same range are made of reclaimed fishing timbers – and apparently some of the wood is up to 150 years old. That’s grand recycling!

You could accessorise with the clever diffuser from Pairfum made from driftwood, which is pleasantly sculptural, or a pretty pair of recycled wood picture frames from Littlewoods.

Reclaimed woods work well with bright, ethnically-influenced pieces such as rugs and kilim cushions, and they add texture to any room setting.

A funky alternative, though, is the Scrapwood wallpaper by Pierrot et Coco, which would make a fantastic trompe l’oeil feature wall. Accessorising against its strong patterning might be a bit of a challenge, but M&S do a distressed-silver framed mirror that would add a focal point and help bounce light around your room.

There’s a Bohemian appeal to distressed furnishings that makes them intrinsically cool.

Mary Rose

Mary Rose piece from Barker and Stonehouse

Mix and match cushions in a wide range of textiles – furry, buttoned, woven – with a supremely soft sofa such as the Houston (also from Barker and Stonehouse) for comfort with a dash of artistic style. The Houston is made of ranch leather that’s been gently distressed, which works well with its rounded contours.

To get the most effect out of your distressed or reclaimed items, set them against harder-edged pieces such as metal shelving, glass coffee tables and shining copper (one of the big trends this Autumn). The juxtaposition provides an appealing contrast that turns the room into a visual treat.

Finally, feel free to experiment with colour in a room softened by a touch of distress. Reds and oranges will look warm and comfortable, while cooler greens and duck-egg blues will give your room a relaxing ambience.

Complete the picture with a windows makeover by browsing the Made To Measure Blinds range of wooden Venetian blinds or wood effect Venetian blinds.


M&S Distressed-silver framed mirror


Diffuser from Pairfum made from driftwood