The Hobbit: ‘Battle of the Five Armies’ Blind Designs

December 4, 2014

There is only a week or so to go until the final Hobbit film ‘Battle of the Five Armies’ is released in the UK. At Made to Measure Blinds we are huge Tolkien fans as well as of Peter Jackson’s film adaptations. We have been inspired to create blind banner designs for each of the five armies that will be doing battle in celebration of the film. Obviously we have tried to make our designs spoiler-free so that if you don’t know how it ends, we don’t ruin it for you. We hope you enjoy the designs! When it is all over we will certainly be shedding a tear, though we mainly just hope that Azog and Bolg get their comeuppance!



Iron Hills

Iron Hills Banner - The Hobbit

Leader Dain II

Race Dwarves


Lake-Town - The Hobbit

Leader Bard the Bowman

Race Men


Mirkwood Banner - The Hobbit

Leader Thranduil

Race Elves

Lonely Mountain

Lonely Mountain Banner - The Hobbit

Leader Thorin II Oakenshield

Race Dwarves

Misty Mountains

Misty Mountains Banner - The Hobbit

Leader Bolg

Race Goblins, Wargs, Bats


Who will survive the battle and win the treasure? Will Smaug burn everyone to cinders? Whatever happens it is sure to be an exciting finale!