How to make it a sweet 16 for your home

December 29, 2015

houseoffraser_63782104873065It’s that time again when we’re taking a deep breath and vowing that 2016 will be the year that — for once — we get fit, lose a few pounds and start being nicer people.

Great! But everyone knows new year resolutions are tricky to keep — so here are a four suggestions for your home that might be easier to stick to — and that will make your home a more stylish and enjoyable space into the bargain.

Resolution 1: We’ll all eat at the table this year

You know this makes sense. Not only does it turn every mealtime into an event and an opportunity to chat, it creates a sense of order and elegance in your home.


amara_10005571376364125You don’t need to have a dining room — many these days prefer a kitchen table or even breakfast bar. So separate it as a dedicated area with a pendant light and bring out pretty tableware for dinner parties.

This table has been dressed by Amara with beautiful simplicity.

PR_debenhams_37471547791608PR_debenhams_374713605063342Delightful for dining — these dinner and dessert plates are by Matthew Williamson at Debenhams


Resolution 2: Let’s get a better night’s sleep

houseoffraser_637843405283Charlie Bed High End Bedframe, £839, Barker and StonehouseBasics first — if your mattress is old or your bedframe is sagging, you’ll toss and turn all night trying to get comfortable. Time for a change!
Once you have a comfy and supportive bed, it’s time to turn your bedroom into a haven, with luxurious bedding, cushions and throws. Make sure the room isn’t too hot — a major barrier to sleep — and keep out the light with good blinds or curtains. Time for some zzzzzs

Luxury cushions from Biba at House of Fraser – love the feathers!

A bed for real snuggling — the Charlie Bed in natural wood is from Barker and Stonehouse

Resolution 3: Let’s de-clutter!

Is hoarding hurting your head? Have a January clearout and take unwanted goods to a charity shop or give them away through community sites such as Freegle, where they’ll find a good new home.

Once you’ve got rid of everything you don’t use, make sure you have plenty of tidy places to put everything that’s left. As well as stylish furniture providing extra shelving and cupboard space, under-bed boxes can be a big help.

If your home is short on storage space — and many are — look for unused corners. For instance, there’s often room in the bathroom above the toilet cistern for shelves that can store your towels and marksandspencer_982011356183353make a style statement at the same time.

dotcomgiftshop_6613991037417716Store it away — Marks & Spencer’s Devora Console is stylish and practical

Neat and sweet — recipe storage tins from dotcomgiftshop

Decluttering means the accessories you do choose to display are well-showcased, as in this Casa Couture styled room by House of Fraser


Resolution 4: I’m going to make my world more colourful


Make grey old January disappear with some bright accessories and sunny shades — daffodil yellow and delphinium blue are going to be big this spring, which will feel nice after such a grey winter.


Also look out for fuchsia pink and cobalt blue in 2016. Ethnic brights are in, so there’s plenty of opportunity to make the most of embroidery, felting, weaving and pattern layered on top of pattern.

Don’t fling all colours in together, though — that would be chaos. Choose several complementary bright hues and stick to them, creating a palette that will bring all your different patterns together in harmony.

We love it when our design tips help create a harmonious home, so we encourage you to think seriously about any or all of the above.

Vertical_blinds_corisca_cream_M2MAnd we’re throwing in three suggestions from our own website, just to help you complete the job…

Happy New Year!