It’s Official: Snoring is the Most Annoying Sleep Habit

January 12, 2016

Sleep is a fascinating area for us as a Blinds company. We often find that our customers use products like our Blackout Blinds to improve their sleep by creating a dark, relaxing space for themselves. We decided to conduct a survey into the wonderful world of sleep by asking participants to answer three killer questions.

The first question asked what participant’s thought the worst sleeping habit is, with the answers being:

  • Snoring – 56%
  • Wetting the Bed – 53%
  • Restless Sleeper – 26%
  • Flatulence – 25%
  • Hogging the Duvet – 25%
  • Taking Up All the Space – 23%
  • Insomnia – 18%
  • Sleep Talking – 13%
  • Sleep Walking – 12%
  • Other – 2%

The second question asked whether participants believed it was important to sleep in the same bed as their partner. 20% answered no to this question, which is pretty high number but we feel reflects a modern age of relationships. You often read about couples maintaining loving long-term relationships, whilst living apart these days. As 80% answered yes however, the majority seem to still believe it is a highly important aspect of a relationship.

Our final and perhaps most risky question asked participants what’s the strangest thing that had ever happened to them while they had been in bed with someone. We got a wide array of answers, with some very funny and downright bizarre stories shared. Here is our top 10 and they get better/stranger the further you read:

  • ‘I had a two hour long conversation with my best friend about cardigans while she was asleep’
  • ‘An explosion from under my window waking us up – my friend had set off a firework in a bucket to celebrate my birthday.’
  • ‘Heard a noise like somebody breaking in. woke up husband who just lay there – leaving me to face the intruder. It was a siamese cat, but still my husband stayed in bed under the covers!’
  • ‘Tickling my partner & making silly noises like a child whilst I was fast asleep. Ticky ticky ticky….’
  • ‘They were singing rock songs in their sleep.’
  • ‘We a heard a rumbling which got closer and closer and louder and louder, the house shook and the bed bounced up and down. It turned out to be a small earthquake.’
  • ‘Night terrors. Being woken up because they believed that someone had placed man eating birds in the bedroom, above our heads’
  • ‘Shared it with his pet mongoose’
  • ‘My father sitting beside my bed when he is dead’
  • ‘I once went to bed naked (and drunk) with a girl and when I woke up she had dressed me in a sailor suit.’


We hope you found this survey as interesting to read as we did, and hopefully over this Yuletide period your partner doesn’t bombard you with Christmas pudding induced snores!