Don’t be a bodger

February 12, 2016

HomerEver messed up a job and had to make do and mend, hoping that no-one will spot your workaround?

There’s a horrible moment — usually a split-second after you have made a definitive cut that cannot be undone — when you think: ‘Ah … I shouldn’t have done it like that.’

Most of those moments can be avoided with some forethought, so here’s our four-point plan for hanging blinds correctly at the first go of asking.

  • Always measure the window in three different places for width/drop.
  • Ensure there are no obstacles around your window or within the recess that may prevent your blind from functioning correctly — these might be telephone sockets, decorative rails, decorative window frames or skirting.
  • When deciding where to place the blind within or outside the recess take your window handles into consideration as this may affect the operation of the blind.
  • When installing blinds next to one another provide at least a 1cm gap between the blinds to make sure each blind can be operated separately.


How to measure and order your made to measure blinds correctly


  • Please note if ordering Wooden Venetian Blinds and your order is for the blinds to be made exact, then the blind headrail will be provided with wooden returns to go with the top wood cover valance; this is an optional extra that hides the blind headrail and the ends — it is up to you if you use them or not. Click here for info images and video.


You would only use the returns if the blinds were to sit outside the recess free of window returns, and obstructions. The blind itself will not change in size — only the wood valance. If you decide not to use the returns then simply cut the valance square to the width of your head rail with a small tenon saw.


  • Ordered as RECESS (INSIDE MOUNT) we deduct 10mm from the width given, will include brackets at ends, for blinds with end fixings, with the exception of Roller Blind where the deduction is 0.5cm.
  • Ordered as BLIND SIZE (EXACT) blind made to your exact width and drop given, will include brackets at ends, for blinds with end fixings.
  • For Vertical blinds we deduct 10mm from the width and drop of your blind if you order as RECESS (INSIDE MOUNT). If you order as BLIND SIZE (EXACT) then the width will be your exact size provided but we will still deduct 10mm from the drop of the louvres +/- 4mm to ensure that they hang free from the window sill or floor.


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