Creations that came from Dreams

February 22, 2016

Dreams can often be strange and wondrous places, one minute you are flying through the sky on the back of a Shetland pony, the next minute you are being chased down by a giant black mist that is trying to devour you.

They can create images and places that may not be accessible in the general day to day, and creative individuals throughout history have often tried to harness that, with their dreams often sparking off new ideas for them.

We decided to look into 16 creations that came from dreams and some of the things we found were really astounding. You’ll find out which mega hit song was originally titled ‘Scrambled Eggs’, how a dream about sledding had a huge impact on the world of physics and a U.S president who is said to have dreamed about his own death.


Creations That Came From Dreams

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