The funny thing about blackout blinds

May 13, 2016

fraser_charcoalAre you getting enough sleep? It’s a big problem for many people at this time of year, when sleeping through the lighter mornings and evenings becomes a challenge, either because the sun’s waking you up, or waking someone else in the house, who in turn wakes you.

Anyone with a young baby will tell you what a nightmare it is when the sun comes up before 6 in the morning and doesn’t disappear again until late into the evening.

Little ’uns struggle to cope with the idea that it’s time for sleep when light is streaming into their bedroom.

Bright mornings and evenings needn’t be your enemy, though, if you fit blackout blinds, which we recommend as a stylish and inexpensive option for not only helping you remain in the land of nod, but to protect furniture from the sun’s harmful glare.

The good news – and something that might not be immediately obvious – is that blackout blinds don’t need to be black.

Their construction is such that roller blinds made with light, bright fabrics are equally as effective.

There are some wonderful fabrics from which to choose, and they not only block out sunlight but provide a splash of colourful inspiration for your rooms.

We’ve picked out three from our own roller blinds range, but there are many from which to choose

Kasuri Royal is a striking, colourful pattern that makes a bold statement in any room. Kasuri is a Japanese word for fabric that has been woven with fibres dyed specifically to create patterns and images in the fabric, and we’re delighted with our tribute to the technique.

Itsy Pink is for anyone who’s a bit dotty about the colour which has so many associations – such as love, beauty, charm, sensitivity, tenderness, childhood, femininity, and the romantic.

kasuri_blue_blackoutOur Fraser Charcoal blind is a very stylish design that adds a splash of panache to a minimalist room to prevent it becoming bland.

Each is available to order online in a range of sizes, fabrics and styles. Our wide range of colour options will ensure you can choose a shade that will complement your existing rooms décor and colour scheme, avoiding the need to re-decorate.

Our blackout fabrics are thermal coated and covered with a rubberised backing and are supplied on an aluminium tube with a straight-edge finish operated with a sidewinder chain mounted on the right or the left, depending on which is most convenient for your window.

Blinds are provided with white or black brackets, giving top, side or face-fix options.

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