Revenue with a View – 12 Careers with Breathtaking Views

October 10, 2016

If you work in an open plan office you have to be absolutely sure you find the person sitting opposite you is visually appealing before committing to any kind of formal seating plan. After all, you’ll be looking at their face for 8 hours a day, five days a week.

If you’re unlucky enough to be trapped with less-than-appealing co-workers, your window may be your only respite. For many that slave away at the 9-to-5, these windows views range from trading estates to motorways, carparks, and maybe the printing shop across the road if you’re lucky.
However, your worktime window woes don’t have to continue. With a career change to something a bit more adventurous, new horizons can be on the cards. From military transport planes, freight trains, and articulated automobiles, a whole range of mobile transport jobs exist, which ensure the scenery is always changing. For those unafraid of heights, wind turbines, skyscrapers, and radio towers can provide nearly limitless vistas; quite literally as far as the eye can see.
While dreaming of jobs in jet fighters, lake-side resorts, and the orbiting international space station, we’ve also researched their relative salaries, and found many of them surprisingly reasonable. While blinds are excellent at blocking out the outside, you can’t beat the feeling of raising them at sunrise to take in the views.

Revenue With a View