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January 17, 2017

Checks are in. In fact, they are so ‘in’ that they are very rarely ‘out’. Of fashion, that is.

Interior designers love check patterns because they bring life to rooms where current trends dictate that the minimal look holds sway.

Checks bring style and elegance to a plain canvas, and there are so many opportunities to incorporate them – not least with a made to measure blind.

When people think of checkered patterns there are those who instantly think of gingham table clothes or delicate pinafores, but creative designers have broadened the use of checks to include every imaginable item.

But the good news is check patterns don’t need to be as in your face as previously, with delicacy and subtlety taking over from garish prime colours.

And the look is not just confined to quaint country cottages now, you’ll be pleased to hear.

Cushions, throws and upholstery can be used to either match or complement the design of your blind, but bear in mind the colour you choose will affect the atmosphere of the room.

Lighter colours – greens and blues, for example – give a light, airy look to a room, but too much will give a cold atmosphere. Red, brown and rustic shades provide warmth, but need to be offset by lighter shades to avoid a gloomy or heavy atmosphere.

Our big tip is to use shades and hues from within the same spectrum to avoid ugly clashes.

If you have checked tiles in a kitchen or bathroom you’ll need to choose blinds carefully in order to create harmony rather than discord. Again, complementary colours are key.

In bedrooms, too, check blinds come into their own, brightening up a teen room, moving them on from child-themed wallpapers and blinds without leaving them feeling they’ve moved from the vibrancy of youth to old fuddy-duddy adulthood in one move.

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