Writer’s Retreats

January 19, 2017

The creative space of a writer plays a crucial role when it comes to creating a piece of work. It is the area where they let their ideas and writing flow, and so it is a space that ends up reflecting the nature of the author. As a blinds company, we know all about the importance of an interior space and creating the right atmosphere to suit your needs. We decided to look at some of the preferred indoor spaces of some famous authors to see where these creative minds crafted their works.

Writers Retreat - Made to Measure Blinds UK


Dylan Thomas for instance, had a riverside boathouse shed, Mark Twain preferred a hut on an isolated farm and J.K. Rowling loved the hustle and bustle of a cosy café. Each writer has their own distinct needs from a writing retreat, whether that is to be surrounded by nature, in complete isolation or in the middle of everyday life.

We hope you enjoy our list and it inspires you to create your very own writing retreat.

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