The joy of a new-born baby and decorating their nursery

February 27, 2017

Not long after any couple discovers that they are expecting a baby, thoughts turn to creating a wonderful nursery so that once the little one arrives she or he has a special room with a calming yet inspirational atmosphere.

A place where night-time feeds or nappy-changing sessions can be undertaken in practical yet comfortable surroundings with the minimum of fuss, but which reflect the joy and optimism that a tiny baby brings.

As well as cuddly toys, furniture and furnishings, décor will be paramount.

Many parents shy away from the option of being told the sex of their baby before it is born, so this immediately reduces the chances of going for gender-specific stereotypes in choosing pink for a girl or blue for a boy.

This is reflected in the range of child-themed Roman blinds which we offer.

Here are some of your options.


Twinkle, twinkle little star

With the popular lullaby in mind, we have a number of star-inspired themes available, including Stargazer Multi, which is a lively mixture of multi-coloured stars and dots designed to provide a highlight in a room if parents have chosen soothing, neutral shades for wallpaper, bedding and carpets. The onslaught of bright colours for furniture and other items can come later when baby blossoms into an all-action toddler.

Other star-based designs include our popular Stars Sky and Stars Candyfloss, which feature white stars on subtle backgrounds.

There’s also the Milky Way Ivory blind, which features silver-grey stars on a cream background. The stars are less densely-packed than in our Stargazer Multi, providing a more muted option



You want cars? We have cars, in our Motor Madness Multi design, which has friendly, playful-looking childlike drawings of cars, quirkily featuring a check paintjob, leaving your little one bang on trend.


Animal magic

Baby will be bombarded with soft, cuddly creature-inspired toys from admiring family and friends, and to complement that we have our Zoo Time Multi selection of blind, again with childlike drawings, this time of typical zoo animals including zebras, elephants and lions.

Complement that with an animal mobile above the cot.



Vintage or chintz

Hipster mums and dads with their love of all things fifties can go for our Cathy Chintz, Flutter-by Vintage or Picnic Time Pastels ranges. Each has a vibrant feel and will stimulate baby as soon as he or she realises there is more to life than sleeping, feeding and – well, the other stuff – and is taking more notice of things going on around them.


Earning their stripes

Stripes are always popular, and you can go bold – with Candy Cane Blush or Red – or more muted – with Candyfloss Pink or Sky Blue.


The great outdoors

Won’t be long before you pack up the contents of your nursery – baby included, of course – and head off to introduce her or him to the delights of the seaside.

So why not start inspiring them with our Seaside Huts design, featuring gaily painted sunshades and beach huts, with fluffy white clouds in the sky so as not to raise their hopes – or yours – of wall-to-wall sunshine.


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