Back to nature with a wooden venetian blind

April 10, 2017

The back to nature trend in interior design shows no sign of abating, and there are a number of ways to achieve the desired effect without going overboard.


Not strictly natural, because bricks are of course man-made, but we’ve come to view them as adding a touch of rustic charm to a home.

Whether left exposed or painted, we no longer deem it essential to plaster over bricks. At least, not all of them. Many people opt for a feature wall which is left exposed. So bricks offer a dual option, either as a backdrop or a focal point.

Plants and flowers

Spring and Summer are always an inspiration, with the vivid tones in our gardens providing an opportunity to bring an explosion of colour into the home. Cut flowers or potted flowering plants breathe life into a dormant fireplace or adorn windowsills or shelves in alcoves.

Water features

These don’t need to be limited to the garden pond. Many homes now have the reassuring trickle of water providing a background to the regular sounds around the home, with real stones adding a visual element to the overall effect.


With longer days why wouldn’t you want to multiply the feelgood factor and flood your rooms with beams of natural light instead of relying on spotlights or LEDs?

The option to regulate it is crucial, though, for instance by making the most of the flexibility of a venetian blind or vertical blind.


The ultimate natural resource which has been gracing homes for centuries.

Whether it be beams in a country cottage, wooden furniture or carefully crafted cabinets, we love wood in all its applications.



So it’s no surprise that our range of wooden venetian blinds is so popular.

They are a perfect way to enhance a room’s appearance by adding a contemporary elegance to the décor while meeting the desire for natural elements.

The product video below features a wooden blind with 50mm SLATS, but you can go larger with our 63mm option, or 25mm and 35mm SLATS are also available if you prefer a slender appearance.

The wood on our wooden venetian blinds is kiln-dried to help stabilise the SLATS, and the blind is mounted on a metal box section headrail which is covered by a matching valance. There are several control options.

There are some interesting tones available, too, with white and cream at one end of the spectrum, and dark or even black at the other.

Faux wood blinds are also available

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