The Scientific Guide to Sleep

April 24, 2017

Sleep is a part of everybody’s day. Whether its grabbing 5 hours before having to wake up early for work, or 10 hours on a lazy Sunday morning, everybody has to sleep at some point. Whilst some find sleep easy, it doesn’t always come naturally everyone. Medication may seem like a good idea until it’s 11am the next day and you still can’t shake off the drowsiness from the previous night.

Sleeping’s not always as easy as just closing our eyes and letting the darkness take us. Sometimes the night will be filled with tossing and turning, a body that refuses to relax or participate. We’ve compiled a list of scientifically backed techniques, for when counting sheep’s just not cutting it. From taking a hot shower before bed to blowing bubbles, we’ve included 10 inventive ways to help you sleep a little easier.