Marvellous monochrome with a spectacular splash of colour is the perfect combination for your home

June 7, 2017

Salsa Monochrome Vertical Blind

Not so long ago you’d have dismissed as crackpot any suggestion that a home could look stunning with a black and white ‘colour’ scheme.

But monochrome is bang on-trend and the evidence is there to see in glossy interior design magazines and store display areas.

If you think an entire home in shades of grey or stark black and white is going a step too far, then why not take the plunge in one room and see how you feel about it?

A kitchen or bathroom is the perfect place to start and you’ll soon appreciate what a striking scheme you’ve put in place.

Coffee Be aware that dark colours can have the effect of bringing walls in, so choose carefully how you use black, and use natural light to bounce off white walls onto black accents such as furniture and accessories. Blinds also make the perfect foil for white walls and units, and the strong demand for blacks and greys is reflected in the extensive range of made to measure vertical blinds have available.

We start with the darkest of dark in our Memphis Black Blackout blind, and move through patterned styles such as the two-tone slub pattern of our Salsa Monochrome, through lighter, flecked greys to our Conran Jet, which is a patterned horizontal slub.

You can also make a striking impact by having cushions, vases or decorative items in standout colours and with vivid, lively patterns.

Aqua blue, bright orange or a vivid red will provide a smashing splash of colour to contrast with the two-tone theme and will add vibrancy and life to any room.

And never underestimate the importance of the right flooring. With a black and white scheme a light, gloss finish is particularly pleasing and if you’re planning a kitchen makeover it’s worth considering the beauty of Quartz or Granite for your worktops – in black or grey, of course.

We hope the images included with this post inspire you to mix colour with an overall mono interior, with made to measure blinds complementing your choices perfectly.