Touching return to texture

June 28, 2017


Sleeping CatIf your living room is due an upgrade and you like to be on-trend or even ahead of the game it’s time to revive the sense of touch.

Pleats, folds, stitches and texture are all in.

This is great news if you’re looking to refurbish a room on a budget because rugs, throws, cushions – and blinds, of course – can all play a part without busting the bank balance.

Here are some suggestions for introducing texture



Wooden flooringPeople love to look at and touch woodgrain. There’s something inviting that makes you want to get up close. Wooden flooring is a terrific option, or you can be even bolder and go for a feature wall or a small alcove. It’ll not only be pleasing to the eye but it’s hard to resist running your fingers along such an inviting surface.



Another way to add texture to a room is with wainscot. Wooden panelling is great for splitting a large, bare wall and you can paint with contemporary colours if you think wood might be too overwhelming.



Tiles offer a great way to lift a wall or add character to a floor. You can go from one extreme to the other – try a tiny mosaic effect in a small areas or opt for large, bold tiles with a natural look. Each provides the desired effect.


Faux Fur

Texture isn’t limited to coarse materials. Faux fur can add a fluffy and luxurious feel to your settee and arm chairs – and your cat or dog will love you for it.


DIY Technique

Add texture to smooth materials such as duvet covers in a bedroom by pin tucking, to create small gathers that provide depth and variety.


A Familiar Favourite

Jute – either in the form of a rug or even as a material for decorative items on coffee tables or shelves.


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