How To Create The Perfect Home Office Space

May 18, 2018

Creating the perfect office space in your home

If you run a business from home, you know how important it is to create a space that’s not only clutter-free and comfortable, but one that stands out as your workspace. A space you can both legitimately and mentally separate when it’s time to go back into “home” mode. But, your work space doesn’t have to look utilitarian. You can decorate it with as much or as little detail as you would any other part of your home and it’s sure to be a space for productivity, creativity and a workload of abundance.

Below, we look at some top tips on how to style your home office.

Choosing the Right Furniture

Choosing the correct furniture for your home office

The best furniture for your home office is furniture that you are both comfortable and productive in. The perfect furniture makes all the difference in your outlook on working and also your satisfaction towards your home office space. Before you get too caught up in what you want the furniture to look like, you need to start by considering the size of your space, your budget, and how long you will be using your home office for each day.

Here are some guidelines for choosing office furniture to suit your space and your usage.

  • Space – One of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing home office furniture is either underestimating or overestimating how much space they actually have. Remember, an empty space looks much bigger until you place a chair and desk in it. So, the first step is to measure your space, accounting for doorways and windows to ensure the furniture will fit accordingly. If you have lovely views out the window that you want to watch from your desk, you may want to measure and plan your furniture placement with the view in mind.
  • Usage – Next, figure out how long you’ll be using your office per day. If you’re just going to use it for an hour or so at a time to check your emails, a stylish chair over a more practical and comfortable one will do. However, if you’re going to be spending 10 hours a day and even burning the midnight oil in your home office, you’re going to have to place more emphasis on comfort.
  • Budget – Just as with any type of furniture, you can spend a few months’ worth of income or very little on a single piece. Spend some time browsing online and looking through relevant magazines for pricing and inspiration. What you end up spending is up to you, but do keep in mind that office supplies, décor and technology may still have to be purchased. If your budget can’t be stretched, consider buying flat pack furniture to assemble yourself.
  • Who Will Use The Space – When it comes to choosing bookshelves and desks, consider who you will be sharing the space with. If you have an office partner, they might want less or more, depending on their usage. Work together to see if a couple of items could be multifunctional.
  • Style – Whether you’re keen on contemporary or antique furniture, it’s a choice you have to make. Keep comfort in mind when picking out older furniture. Antiques may look sensational, but you’re going to need an adjustable care for utmost comfort. While some of the more modern chairs do have comfortable ergonomics, they might look too futuristic for your space. Decide which has higher priority for you – comfort or looks. Search around and you’re sure to find the perfect medium.
  • A Good Fit – Keep in mind that comfortable furniture for your home office should fit your body. If you are tall, make sure your table and chair height are in proportion to you and how you use it. If you’re shorter, a non-adjustable chair that’s too high could leave your feet dangling all day. Comfortable home office furniture should look good and feel as though you could sit in it for hours at a time.

Choosing Paint Colour

Picking the best colour scheme for your home office

When we think of a home office, on the one hand, it’s a working environment but on the other it’s part of your comfortable and cosy home. It can be difficult to detach yourself from your home atmosphere when you’re working. But, it can be done with the help of the right paint colour.

  • Blue – Blue is a great colour for a home office that exudes a calming environment. It’s a simple shade reminiscent of sea and sky – both of which are images that calm people down and help enhance concentration.
  • Green – This is another colour that helps with a soothing, serene atmosphere. Green is the colour of nature and a natural stress reliever. Pastel shades of green are even more soothing and relaxing.
  • Reds and Oranges – These are bold, intense colours. Red is a symbol of passion whereas orange instils enthusiasm. These are great choices if you want your home office space to be more dynamic and creative.
  • Purple – Purple is another lovely colour, but its effects tend to differ from one person to another. Paler shades of purple can be rather soothing whereas darker hues are dramatic.
  • Yellow – Yellow colours are the way to go for bright, cheerful home offices. Yellow is simple yet bold. It created bold, bright décor that can also be highly inspirational.
  • Neutrals – If you’d much prefer a more neutral shade, consider using browns. Light brown and grey are calming and soothing whereas darker shades provide an atmosphere that is warm and somewhat dramatic.

You’re not stuck on just one colour for your home office, though. You could always combine several shades. Just make sure that whatever you choose suits your décor and your taste.

Choosing Window Blinds

The best window blinds for your home office

Here’s some good news – any window covering can work well in a home office. It really depends on the style and function you want. Some of the most popular varieties of home office blinds include faux wood and wood blinds, shutters and even shades. For some inspiration on the different wooden blinds available, look at the Made to Measure website here.

The first step is to pick a window blind that matches your office’s décor. For example, if you’ve picked out wood furniture, consider wood shutters or real wood blinds in a matching stain. You could even accent your office décor with bamboo shades or colourful shades.

The next step is to select a window blind that has the functionality you want. For instance, you may want to limit glare without blocking the view, in which case roller shades work well. There are also blinds designed to let in filtered light but at the same time provide privacy. Others can block out light in your space completely. You can see a guide to choosing blinds on our website by clicking here.

Styling Tips

Making sure your home office is stylish, and comfortable

Finally, you’ll want to put the finishing touches to your home office to create a truly unique, productive and inspiring work space. Here are a few ideas to get your started.

  • The Flower Power Effect – A vase of fresh flowers bring colour, life and just a little bit of luxury to any desk space and, you don’t even need to spend a great deal on formal arrangements. Simply cut a couple of stems from your garden and stick them in a small vase for instant gratification and beautify. Or, you could always opt for a faux arrangement to keep on permanent display.
  • Lighting – The right lighting is important for a productive environment, since a poorly lit space can leave you feeling strained and drained. Pick out a unique desk lamp that combines function and form, while adding flare to your work space.
  • Inspiration – When it comes to styling your workspace, aim to include a couple of things that are sure to inspire you. Whether it’s motivational mantras, visualisation boards, Himalayan salt lamps and crystals or simply something that you know inspires you to keep climbing that ladder to success, pick a couple of things and place them strategically around your space.
  • Storage – Storage is important for controlling clutter and ensuring your workspace remains well-styled and orderly. Place a pen pot and stationary on a pretty tray or get a tiered cabinet for your paperwork. Boxes and baskets also work well for any random bits.
  • Tea Time – Everybody needs a tea break! Treat your workspace to a lovely cup and saucer in a design that adds interest to your office space and then go forth and create a little bit of ceremony around your morning cup of java. It will truly make it feel like a working day treat.


Working from home offers some many upsides. From no commuting to work-life balance, one of the biggest benefits is the ability to create a work space you love. Use the above design tips to create a unique, creative and inspiration space that will ensure your business – and productivity – continues to go from strength to strength.

The different window blind options for your home office