Why Blinds Are The Best Solution For Apartments

August 20, 2018

Synopsis: Blinds are the perfect choice for apartment windows. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Blinds Are The Best Solution For Apartments

More and more of us are choosing to live the apartment lifestyle. Besides that, big cities are getting busier which means we just have to come to terms with smaller living spaces.

Whether it is a shared flat or a step up the property ladder for you, a city apartment, or time to downsize from a larger family home, an apartment brings with it a few different challenges you may not have realised.

One of those is how to dress the windows in your space for maximum light and privacy without making the apartment look smaller.

The answer? Window blinds.


The Benefits of Dressing Apartment Windows With Blinds

  1. The Space

    One the greatest challenges of apartment living is making the most efficient use of a smaller space. Rather than thick, heavy curtains that tend to clutter a room and need to be drawn open and closed every day, blinds fit perfectly into window recess and can roll or retract into slim and clean shapes.

  2. Lightness

    Besides the actual space saving benefits of blinds that drapes, and curtains just can’t give you in an apartment, the clean, crisp lines of roller blinds and venetian blinds help give an apartment a feeling of roominess and lightness.

  3. Perfect Lighting

    By making use of a well-placed combination of blackout roller blinds and sun shades, you can give even the smallest and darkest of apartment rooms the feeling of light and airiness without having to switch on lamps all day long.

  4. Warmth

    Instead of a typical all of nothing approach to apartment heating and insulation that curtains provide, mixing thermally insulated roller blinds with sun shades can provide the very best of both worlds. You can block out the daily glare while allowing the warm sun rays through and trapping that warmth in your rooms.

  5. The Right Amount of Privacy

    Often, apartment living goes hand in hand with rubbing shoulders rather closely with the neighbours. Luckily, venetian blinds offer a quick and easy way to shut the world out and create your own peaceful haven.

  6. Oh, So Stylish!

    Since window blinds are available in a massive array of styles and colours, from aluminium and modern to coloured faux-wood, to classic fabric roller blinds and even wooden venetian blinds, there is always something to suit your taste, budget and fashion trends.

  7. Highly Customisable

    If you truly want to stamp your own taste on your apartment, you can make a statement with customised roller blinds. If you have your very own image or pattern, it can easily be incorporated with your window dressing of choice.

  8. Easy to Install

    If you are looking for a way to decorate or furnish your apartment, nothing is quite as easy as measuring up and even fitting the blinds yourself.

  9. Great Way to Divide a Room

    If you are somewhat adventurous about the way you divide up your apartment space, you may like to consider hanging roller blinds or vertical blinds in the middles of the room to partition off a work space or sleeping area.

  10. Cost-Effective Solution

    Since budget is always an important consideration when it comes to decorating your apartment, blinds are an excellent way to save money.

When it comes to decorating the different rooms in your apartment, you’re probably quick to try and figure out “important” elements like wall colours, major furnishings and even flooring and rugs. But, don’t forget about the windows. In fact, blinds should be top of your mind.

But, which blinds work best for which kinds of windows and spaces in an apartment?


Different Types Of Window Blinds Suitable For Apartments

Depending on your preference or the style you want to achieve, there are different types of blinds that you can make use of.

Wide Roman Shades

These blinds are the perfect solution to cover up windows when you are dealing with low storage and awkward lengths. A light off-white blind similar to the wall colour is great for still allowing light through while keeping the space private from prying eyes or neighbours.

Roman blinds also work really well for French doors and even smaller windows that don’t have too much clearance on either side for drapery hardware and curtain rods. It gives a really clean, classic look and feel, too.

What About the Kitchen?

Kitchens are somewhat of a disaster zone at the best of times, with accidental spills and flying grease. So, curtains are definitely not a recipe for cleanliness in a kitchen. Instead, consider using bamboo Roman blinds on your apartment’s kitchen window.

Honeycomb Blinds

There is no denying that honeycomb blinds are one of the most efficient treatments for windows. If you want something graceful that is easy going on the budget, choose honeycomb blinds, which are also called cellular shades. Other than providing a decent amount of insulation, you also let a soft light filter into the room.

Ditch the Blackout Roller Shades

Try to avoid using blackout blinds for smaller rooms in your apartment. They tend to provide complete light block out and the room will only end up looking and feeling cramped, dingy and gloomy.

Try Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are the perfect combination of slats that are horizontally arranged with a pull cord mechanism. Venetian blinds come in a massive range of sizes, colours and materials. For those smaller apartment rooms, you can pick white vinyl blinds and even couple them with a set of sheer curtains for effect. If you like this idea, just make sure that the curtains are short enough so that they do not wipe the floor.

You might even want to consider bamboo-based Venetians. These elegant and aesthetically pleasing blinds are the perfect marriage of grace and simplicity. For smaller windows, it is always a good idea to choose cordless Venetian blinds as they usually offer a highly tidy and completely uncluttered look to your apartment windows.

Roller Shades for Smaller Spaces

Roller Shades for Smaller Spaces

When it comes to considering blinds for your apartment windows, don’t forget about the bathroom. Roller shades are the perfect solution for the tiniest windows in your apartment. Choose a thick fabric with fun patterns to set upon a lightly coloured window frame. This will ensure that the window is a focal point in the room and also enhances the overall appearance of the bathroom significantly. You could even add towels in a similar on contrasting fabric for a stunning look.

Apartments may physically be smaller, but with the right blinds, you can create light, bright spaces with the right amount of insulation, privacy and add to your overall look and feel to complement your furnishings and décor. Considering all of this, we would say that window blinds are the ideal solution for apartment living.

Window Blinds For Apartments