Choosing The Right Blinds For Your Child’s Bedroom

April 19, 2018

We know that every bedroom needs the ideal window dressing, and when it comes to your children’s rooms, window blinds are the ideal choice. But, choosing the perfect variety, complete with functionality and safety can be a daunting task.

Firstly, you have to account for a growing child’s changing tastes, and blinds are an excellent choice. Kids can be fickle creatures, so if you’re not quite ready to commit to hot pink walls in your home, blinds are a great alternative.

Window blinds are also a good way to make a statement in a child’s room if you are renting your home. After all, not all landlords love the idea of statement wallpaper, so blinds make for the perfect compromise.

So, whether you are moving in a brand-new property, redecorating your children’s rooms as they’ve outgrown or grown tired of their current theme, or you’re all just ready for a change, blinds could well be the way to go for your child’s room. There are a few things to consider when choosing blinds for children’s rooms, though, including:

  • The Age Of Your Child – Some blinds pull down easier than others which could be a safety hazard if you have an active toddler.
  • Light – How much light do you want in a child’s bedroom? Blinds allow you to adjust the light level in any room. For a napping toddler or infant, you will want to pick blinds that completely block out the light to help them achieve sound sleep. Teens are more concerned about privacy, though, over light control.
  • Ease Of Use – Blinds of all kinds are generally easy to use and easy to clean with a damp cloth.
  • Health And Safety Issues – Blinds are ideal for children who suffer with allergies, as blinds tend to resist the build-up of pet dander and dust mites. They’re also safer than curtains and other window dressings since smaller children could pull curtains down or get tangled up in them. For children’s rooms, blinds that use rods rather than cords are best.


Choosing Blinds for Your Child’s Room – Consider Room Design

To help you choose the perfect blinds for your child’s room, you need to consider the design of the room.

Fortunately, you can use just about any kind of window blind for the bedroom, provided it helps with privacy and comfort. Darker Roman blinds and blackout shades are popular choices as they keep out light and aid daytime sleep. Electric blinds are also great as you can pre-program them to open and close at set times.

For smaller children and infants, safety and sleep are the two main concerns. The blinds should not include cords that your child could reach, and they shouldn’t be placed near cribs. You should also make sure that there aren’t any small spaces where toes or fingers could get pinched. Blackout shades can help create a dark, sleep-friendly space any time of the day or night while automated blackout shades are ideal as you don’t have to pull cords.

Panel blinds work well for larger windows and doors and add great personality to a kid’s room as there are so many different kinds of patterns, textures and colours to choose from. They’re actually great for kids of any age and they are sure to have fun helping you choose their favourite colours. These blinds also offer child-safe, smooth operating wands that are ultra-easy to use. When they’re open, the blinds allow for loads of light to shine through, but when drawn, they create a fabric screen and excellent privacy and light control.


Choosing Blinds for Your Child’s Room – Based on Function and Purpose

When it comes to practicality in a child’s room, vertical blinds are a fantastic choice. These are a brilliant hybrid of curtains and blinds, ideal for just about any size window. They also offer complete light control and privacy, since you can rotate the blades on the spot or slide them out of the way completely. Vertical blinds are available in hundreds of different kinds of fabrics and colours to suit a wide range of budgets, too, making them great for every life stage and every bedroom.

Shutters are another good choice for a kid’s bedroom as they are easy to operate and act as hearty window coverings. They’re also aesthetically beautiful and work well on both small and big windows. You can even choose custom colours. Keeping shutters clean is easy too, and only takes a damp cloth.

However, shutters are not ideal for light control, and while they’ll block out most of the light, there are always gaps along the track and between louvres that allow light in. If you and your child want a completely dark room, this is not the option for you. They also take up a lot of room when they are stacked, and not everyone has a big bedroom and free space for the stacked panels.

One of the most common options for children’s rooms is roller blinds. From kid friendly, chic designer fabrics to metallic blackout options, there are so many different fabrics and colours to choose from. Block out materials for roller blinds are completely block out, too, so no light will get into your little one’s bedroom. Best of all, most roller blinds for children’s rooms are wipeable so maintenance is incredibly easy.


Choosing Blinds for Your Child’s Room – for Safety

Of course, when it comes to your child and his or her bedroom, safety is your number one consideration. And here, roller blinds come out tops. While most blinds do meet international child safety standards, roller blinds come with a secure and highly advanced operating mechanism, offering state-of-the-art safety for your child and peace of mind for you. They’re also an excellent way to manage light and heat, completely blocking off the sun or filtering in warm sunshine.

It should be noted, though, that roller blinds don’t allow for light filtering, which means that you must have the blind either up or down, and it cannot be angled. There’s also the issue of privacy. When the blind is up – even a block out roller blind – anyone can see in through the window. The only way you can maintain privacy is by keeping the blind lowered.

If you have a toddler or baby, we know that safety features are incredibly important in their bedroom. Your window blinds should not have looped pull cords or loose cords and wands should always be placed out of a child’s reach.

Fortunately, there are many kinds of blinds on the market that are easy and convenient to lower, raise and even open with just the touch of the hand and you can get this kind of feature for venetian blinds, wood blinds and even faux wood blinds. Blinds that don’t have exposed cords offer the best kind of child safety in your little one’s bedroom.

With so many options at Made To Measure Blinds in terms of colours, fabrics and cost, we’re sure you will have no problem finding the perfect window blinds for your children’s bedrooms. Best of all, you can have fun upgrading the blinds as your child, and his or her tastes, change over the years.



The joy of a new-born baby and decorating their nursery

February 27, 2017

Not long after any couple discovers that they are expecting a baby, thoughts turn to creating a wonderful nursery so that once the little one arrives she or he has a special room with a calming yet inspirational atmosphere.

A place where night-time feeds or nappy-changing sessions can be undertaken in practical yet comfortable surroundings with the minimum of fuss, but which reflect the joy and optimism that a tiny baby brings.

As well as cuddly toys, furniture and furnishings, décor will be paramount.

Many parents shy away from the option of being told the sex of their baby before it is born, so this immediately reduces the chances of going for gender-specific stereotypes in choosing pink for a girl or blue for a boy.

This is reflected in the range of child-themed Roman blinds which we offer.

Here are some of your options. Continue reading The joy of a new-born baby and decorating their nursery

Which hues should you choose for your child’s bedroom?

October 13, 2015

childrens-bedroom-made-to-measure-blinds-ukSo many things come together to influence the atmosphere of a room. Smells, sounds, temperature, light and furnishings all play their part, but above all else there is one key element. Colour.

The way we decorate our living spaces has a major impact on how we enjoy our properties, but it can go much deeper than that.

Colour can also affect how we behave, so parents are taking a keen interest in the hues they choose for their children’s bedrooms.

It’s a delicate balancing act. You want to inspire and encourage lively exploration of topics that will enrich young minds, but at bedtime you want to be sure all is calm, ready for sleep.

Youngsters are super-sensitive to colour so it’s important to get it right.

We’re not saying you risk major psychological scars if you get it wrong, but it’s worth taking care, because even though research has uncovered the secrets of how colour influences our minds, every person is different.

color_wheel_730What to avoid
It’s important to understand your child and how their room might affect them.

If you have a child who doesn’t settle easily, for example, red might not be the best choice for the predominant colour. Fine as a highlight for an alcove or a made to measure blind, but not for every wall.

Inspiration and co-operation
Pull back from full red and go for orange instead, because it is still warm and friendly but inspires confidence and independence. It is also said to put children at ease, so it’s good for promoting a good atmosphere for when others visit to play.

Broom-broom – show us a children’s room without a car and we’ll show you a Disney character without a smile, which is why our transport-themed roller blind is always a big winner

Broom-broom – show us a children’s room without a car and we’ll show you a Disney character without a smile, which is why our transport-themed roller blind is always a big winner

Happy colour?
In the UK we look upon yellow as a spring or summery colour — must be something to do with all the daffodils that mark the end of winter — so if you’re aiming for happiness in your child’s room this is an excellent choice.

Research has also shown that yellow promotes concentration. But if you go overboard you tip the scales towards unrest and even anger.

Going green
Another colour associated with nature, this will soothe and encourage feelings of comfort. In such a relaxed atmosphere it is found to promote reading skills.

Calm down with a spot of the blues
If your child is prone to tantrums or other challenges with their behaviour blue might be a good choice. It is said to reduce anxiety levels and has been found to lower blood pressure and heart rates.

Left in a purple haze
This is the royal colour, so not surprisingly we look to this for self-confidence. It is also seen as promoting creativity and for some reason compassion. This is another colour that should not be overdone. Restrict it to highlights.

In the pink
Just for girls? Probably. But even girls can have short-lived loyalty to this brightest of colours, so rather than a full-on pink transformation, stick to artwork or posters which can easily be removed when the phase passes.

* For more: The Complete Book of Colour by Suzy Chiazzar

Sweet dreams, baby Tyler, with your Made To Measure Blind playing its part

February 11, 2015

M2M comp winnerWhen Paul and Helena Peterson had a special new arrival, they knew his nursery had to be just right.

So at five weeks old, little Tyler can boast a bedroom with lovely white wooden blinds, which Paul sourced via Made To Measure Blinds.

Nursery blinds are extra-important – light levels can be a factor in helping to make sure a little one (and his parents!) get a good night’s sleep.

Paul said:
“We were recommended to the company by a friend who has Made to Measure blinds in several rooms, and we haven’t been disappointed. We decided to go for venetian blinds for a number of reasons. We have a wooden venetian blind with a blackout roller blind behind in our own bedroom, which works really well when it comes to controlling the light levels, so we wanted that for the nursery too. Also, because we live on a London street, people are passing close by and it’s good to be able to adjust the blinds to give you some privacy.’

Delivery worked well, and because Paul has measured up for blinds before, he didn’t need to refer to the useful videos on the Made To Measure Blinds website. He also found his blinds easy to fit.

‘Our new nursery blinds are really good – we’re very pleased with them,’ he said.

And an added extra was soon on the way for the Petersons. They were the winners in the Made To Measure Blinds Christmas draw, so a £50 John Lewis voucher is now theirs to do with as they will.

‘That was a nice little bonus!’ said Paul.

Made to Measure Blackout Blinds

October 21, 2014

Memphis redIf you are a light sleeper and easily awoken by the morning sun, or perhaps work night shifts and sleep during the day, then blackout blinds are a must. If this description is you and you do not already have them put them to the top of your must have list, you will not regret it. They are incredibly effective as the description suggests at creating a dark / night-time effect at any time of the day by blocking out the daylight.

Do not be mistaken they are not for everyone and if on the other hand you enjoy waking up to the light mornings or even rely on the sun rising as a wake-up call, then blackout blinds are not for you.


With the blinds down it will feel like the middle of the night at any time of the day, making these blinds the perfect solution for daytime sleepers and they are also great for increasing the darkness on those lighter evenings. For this reason they are a popular choice for nursery’s and children’s bedrooms as they can be used to keep a continuous bedtime routine throughout the year. This can prove particularly beneficial during the summer months when the daylight hours are longer. Children tend to associate bedtime with it being dark outside and are therefore not so keen to go to bed when it is still daylight, putting the blinds down will instantly create that night-time effect. Likewise when the sun comes up in the morning the blackout blinds will block the light from entering the room so will not disturb sleep, or they can be pulled up to act as a great wake-up call on a bright and sunny day.

Blackout Roller MemphisDespite what some may think blackout blinds are surprisingly lightweight considering the results they produce and Made to Measure offer them in a wide variety of styles and fabrics to choose from. If you are looking for a bright and funky design how about the Kasuri patterned blind which comes in hot pink or royal blue. Another personal favourite is the Willersley Natural design which is perfect for those neutral tones.

Blackout blinds are most commonly used in bedrooms but they can be used in any room and in fact another point to consider is discolouration caused by sunlight. The sun can cause quite damaging effects over time so if you have a room containing particular items of furniture or flooring that you would like to protect from sunlight discolouration then blackout blinds will do the trick. They could also be considered for a living room to reduce the glare of the sun and create the perfect setting for watching your favourite movie.

Blog post written by Claire Taylor BA Hons – Design Manager 

10 ways to brighten up a children’s room with made to measure blinds

June 23, 2014

Spiderman blind can be complemented by cushions and furnishings

Spiderman blind can be complemented by cushions and furnishings

Brightening up a child’s bedroom needn’t be expensive – and it may even inspire them to keep it tidy.

Here are ten tips to turn your kid’s pit into a paradise – and we’ve provided images of our specially themed blinds to provide a stunning backdrop to the new-look room.

  1. Turn one wall into a montage of cut-out figures from posters, comics and magazines, pasted on and coated with a clear mat varnish. Kids will enjoy helping out in this giant decoupage and it can be updated by just sticking over the top.
  2. Lay cheery rugs on a stripped floor to add warmth and deaden the noise from pattering feet! Remember that rugs can be dangerous – make sure you put non-slip matting underneath to avoid any bumps.
  3. Candy-stripe it; use up all the remnants of different-coloured emulsions you have in the garage to create a rainbow-striped wall. Start one colour where another pot runs out!
  4. Make it personal. Cut out your child’s name in 2ft-high letters on brightly coloured glossy paper and paste to the wall; intermingle with stars and moons for a jolly effect.
  5. For older children, music sheets pasted to the walls and varnished over will create a sophisticated backdrop.
  6. For the little Princess in your life – a blind to complete her royal residence

    For the little Princess in your life – a blind to complete her royal residence

    Cover a wall in cork tiles to create a giant pin-board. Then give them a huge tin of drawing pins!

  7. If you have two children sharing a room, decorate each half in different (complementary) colours. It puts an end once and for all to squabbles about who owns what.
  8. Paint large cardboard boxes with emulsion and poster paint for storage boxes, doll’s houses, giant building blocks, dens, spacecraft, toy beds…the kids will add their own imagination.
  9. Turn the bed into a day-time sofa with piles of bright cushions, add matching curtains and lamps and a folding coffee table for when friends call. They’ll add the mugs themselves, probably by the dozen.
  10. And, finally, of course, add a blind – for a delightful focus to the whole effect.
Bold stripes and strong colours always prove popular – and you can use old paint pots to create a unique finish on the walls

Bold stripes and strong colours always prove popular – and you can use old paint pots to create a unique finish on the walls



Broom-broom – show us a children’s room without a car and we’ll show you a Disney character without a smile, which is why our transport-themed roller blind is always a big winner

Broom-broom – show us a children’s room without a car and we’ll show you a Disney character without a smile, which is why our transport-themed roller blind is always a big winner