Blinds to complement your upcycled look

May 26, 2016

kellyhoppen_smallWhen recycled furniture first came to our attention, it had a homespun appeal and fantastic green credentials – but you could have said it lacked a little in the style stakes.

Now, though, recycling and upcycling has become a huge trend, thanks to the backing of celebrated design figures such as Wayne Hemingway and Timothy Oulton.

It’s even produced its own TV show, Something For Nothing, where dumped ‘finds’ are skilfully crafted into beautiful pieces of furniture that bring as much as £1,000 when sold.

We can’t all be handy with the sander and the upholstery stapler, so thankfully, British designers are providing an easy path to the world of reclamation and salvage. Continue reading Blinds to complement your upcycled look

Spoilt for choice when it comes to the the great outdoors

April 26, 2016

As soon as the sun started shining this spring (through the snow showers, of course) the Great Outdoors re-entered our lives.

houseofbath_110142155040856smallLike daffodils tentatively unfurling a bloom, we ventured back out in the garden, sweeping patios and throwing wide our bi-fold doors to the elements.

And now the snow flurries have finally ceased, it’s time to take stock of our outdoor situation and add extra living space to our homes. Hurrah!

The sun room or conservatory is a year-round pleasure, but at this time of year they beckon ever more powerfully, and you’ll have already been making the most of the sunshine and thinking about new blinds or shutters in anticipation of a long, hot summer. Continue reading Spoilt for choice when it comes to the the great outdoors

Why we don’t want you to buy replacement blinds … too soon

March 4, 2016

Constantine Purple

This sparkling new blind from our Constantine Purple range will retain its just-new looks for longer with regular cleaning following our guide.

That might sound like an odd thing for a made to measure blinds supplier to say, but we care about our customers.

And it breaks our heart when we see blinds on the scrapheap when in truth they should still be serving a purpose in the home.

We offer you helpful guides every step of the way — and that includes how to care for your blinds once they are installed.

Our blinds are of good quality and are built to last and we want you to make sure they last.

Continue reading Why we don’t want you to buy replacement blinds … too soon

Why we love diffused light

March 20, 2015

Pleated blinds sienna ivory (3) - CopyYou love diffused light – probably without realising it – and we’d like to share how Made To Measure Blinds can help you achieve this effect in your home.

Diffused light is the simple act of changing the way light arrives at its destination – in this case the inside of your rooms.

But why do we love diffused light so much? What makes it so pleasing?

Portrait photographers appreciate diffused light because it creates little or no shadow on a person’s face, and this is flattering to most of us, not least because it means we don’t squint or pull a funny face in an attempt to filter out the sharp light.

In the same way, whenever you sit in a lounge or conservatory and the sun is beaming in at a low angle it’s not conducive to relaxation. And if it’s at the wrong angle it makes it hard to see other people in the room properly or to enjoy watching the television.

But rather than shut it out completely and plunge a room into darkness, we can offer a terrific solution – Pleated Made To Measure Blinds.

Take a look at this very short video and see what an effect the pleated blind has on the room.

It’s not a particularly bright day but you can appreciate the effect of the blind coming down. There is still a decent amount of light coming into the room, but it’s nowhere near as sharp.

This type of blind can be used to great effect in your:

Conservatory – with a high proportion of glass this popular living space will be bathed in full sunlight, so having the option to pull one or two blinds down to regulate the brightness is a boon.

Lounge – if you’re relaxing with the television on you can either prevent the sun from reflecting on the screen or beaming in on to your face. It will also afford some privacy if your room is over-looked by passers-by outside, but at the same time not creating a total blackout.

• Home office or study – diffused lighting makes it much more comfortable to work at a computer screen.

Bedroom – as seen in our video, there’s still plenty of light in the room while still ensuring privacy. And as we often say, blinds and curtains complement each other well, so that you can easily draw the curtains to prevent the early morning sun creating too much of a rude awakening first thing.

For full information see the pleated blinds section of our website.  To place an order use the pleated blinds order page.  If you need help measuring use our easy-to-follow guides here.

And we also have a comprehensive video guide here (8 minutes)

Pleated blinds geisha white - Copy


Bring the outdoors in with a conservatory or an orangery – with Made To Measure Blinds, naturally

March 3, 2015

M2M Acacia oliveIt’s that time of year when we’re daring to believe that finer weather is finally on its way, and dreaming about long, lovely summer evenings out of doors.

Well, maybe soon! In this country, of course, we know better than to rely on the weather, and we’ve made living outside inside into something of an art thanks to lovely garden rooms.

Even the most simple of conservatories can extend your home at a very reasonable cost, and with a few precautions they can be a superb extension of your living space.

Whether you have a conservatory, a half-brick garden room or a vault-roofed orangery (increasingly popular in recent years), a room of many windows looking out onto a lovely garden can truly create a feeling of space.

Add folding doors that can be flung back when the weather is right, and you can truly bring the outdoors inside, creating a seamless join with your green space.

M2M wooden blind 50mm paperbark mapleOne good tip for blending your outdoor and indoor space and creating an impression of extra space is to keep the flooring similar or even the same. Rustic tiling flooring, for example (frost-proof, of course) can look stylish with the right ethnic rug.

To make the most of this sort of room, remember it will still be particularly sensitive to the weather so you will need to consider some heating for colder months and good, made to measure blinds for the summer, to afford privacy and to ensure shade.

rowenandwren_834497522568711Furnishings and accessories need to be carefully chosen, too, to help create that flow of space.

Natural-looking materials work well here – we like versatile furniture such as the Tatton lounge suite from Barker and Stonehouse, which is robust enough to use outside but would look great in a tiled garden room.

The cute squirrel tweed cushion from White Stuff would add an appropriately nature-themed touch, and Occa-Home’s amazing Lene Bjerre Clara bench could look perfectly in place.

Talking of funky seating, we love Barker and Stonehouse’s Trelawny hanging chair, fabulously retro and totally in keeping the outdoor/indoor vibe. You could continue the theme with Rowen and Wren’s little hanging pots, which are great for displaying greenery.

We also love it when customers tell us how well a wooden venetian Made To Measure Blind has provided natural beauty and warm ambience, complementing or contrasting with their wooden flooring.

??????????????????????????????The superb range here provides ample opportunity to find a perfect match for your flooring or to discover how best to make a bold statement in an otherwise minimalist room.

If you have a large conservatory and are conscious of going over budget, roller blinds might be the best choice.

They are very economical, easy to install and easy to clean and maintain. They provide a great return on purchase value with years of enjoyment. View our range here.

tescodirect_1285762060316301Your garden room can also make a lovely place to dine, even a deux – and on that topic we are very taken with Tesco’s pretty little bistro table and chairs, which could move outdoors on sunny days.

So remember to keep furnishings light and bright in accordance with all that lovely light flooding in, get your basics right in the shape of blinds and heating, and your garden room will be a real asset to your home all year round. Whatever the weather!

whitestuff_170228873382823  occa-home_774452552785357


How made to measure blinds will enhance your ‘outdoors-in’ interior design ideas

July 2, 2014

Outdoors_InWe’ve been living our lives more and more outdoors in recent years – despite the vagaries of the weather.

Our gardens and patios have become an extension of our homes. We open wide bi-fold doors and talk about ‘bringing the indoors out of doors’.

But what about doing it the other way round? Think about it – many garden accessories such as furniture are pretty much good enough to do double duty if you want them to.


Tough garden furniture in woven but hardy materials looks fantastic on the patio, but will also work well in a conservatory, where its rain-resistant construction is well up to withstanding sun through glass – especially if the light is correctly diffused by a made to measure blind.

There’s a strong trend these days for rustic and reclaimed wood, too, which works well as theme both indoors and out.

Purely for indoors, we’re wowed by the work of Thomas Bina, who uses exotic woods including peroba, walnut and shagren. Bina’s stylish and useful furniture displays warm patinas juxtaposed with rough and refined woods – excellent.

Because he uses recycled woods, each piece of furniture is always one of a kind. So his designs in the Hendricks range create a talking point in a room.


If a genuine Bina piece is out of your range, think creatively – could your deliciously weathered garden loveseat get a light makeover and find a place in your home, decked with gorgeous cushions?

We’re also enjoying the Botanics range from Matalan, which includes many accessories ostensibly for the garden that could add a touch of country charm to a kitchen. For instance, the Outdoor Butterfly wall art (£12) could be pretty anywhere, and we adore the Wicker Heart Lantern, seen just to the right edge of our picture (£12).
Even good old Wilko can offer some garden charmers to do double duty indoors – the handy and hardy enamel utility box reminds us that a gardener’s work is never done – absolutely!


A good cuppa always has a place in any home, whether indoors or out, and we’re charmed by the mug for the potting shed from dotcomgiftshop (£3.99). And another cutie-pie garden accessory that would look sweet just placed in the right corner of the room is the piggie watering can, which we picked up in Sainsbury’s for £10.



And once the weather genuinely gets too chilly to enjoy the outdoors, there’s another successful way to make sure you keep the summer in your home all year long.

White Company’s English Garden candle collection captures all the scents of a glorious summer, to be released throughout the darker months for a delicious reminder of lazy days. Fresh Herbs Votive £16, Cut Grass Votive £16, English Garden Votive £16 and English Garden Candle (Large) £30.

Add this year’s favourite interior design theme – gorgeous vases filled with blossoms – and you can bring the outdoors indoors any time you like (and you don’t even need to worry about an umbrella!)

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Why so many homes in Britain have a conservatory and how to choose the right blind for one


Why so many homes in Britain have a conservatory and how to choose the right blind for one

April 28, 2014

bali goldHuge numbers of homeowners are adding conservatories as a means of expanding their living space.

It’s reported that 200,000 apply for home extensions and conservatory planning permission every year, and that doesn’t take into account the conservatories added to properties without the need for planning permission.

But what are the advantages and why would you go to such expense?

Some main considerations include:

  • Add to your property’s value – the cost of adding a conservatory will be reflected in the selling price should you decide to move, giving you an edge over similar properties on sale at the same time as yours.
  • Provide additional space for entertaining – either create an extra reception room or use as a dining room to free up an existing dining area for other purposes. Dining in a conservatory offers a fabulous atmosphere and by opening wide your fashionable folding doors you can enjoy bringing the outside in, making the most of your garden without actually being outside.
  • Use the conservatory as a main lounge or reading room – this leaves the current lounge free for use as a home cinema or other entertainment space. Or if your conservatory serves as a complementary sitting room it provides the perfect place for reading or quiet hobbies. Related equipment can be discreetly stored.
  • Use as a home office – a custom-built space for work or study is much better suited for this purpose rather than using the corner of another room already designated for other purposes. Not only can you escape the distractions of the house but you will be working in a light, airy room which is permanently equipped for the purpose. Productivity will sky rocket.

Blinds play a crucial role in providing a fabulous finish to the look of the conservatory – as well as offering shade, privacy and helping to keep the temperature just right.

Our recommendation is that vertical blinds are a good choice.

They offer the most versatility, but they are closely followed by roller blinds and venetian blinds.

If you’re keen to retain heat in winter months pleated blinds – with aluminium backing – will help to control the temperature.




Q&A: Conservatory Blinds

January 20, 2014


The drop of the vertical blind I need for my conservatory window is 1540mm at its minimum point from the sill to the top point of the bracket that the headrail fixes to.

I am going to use a face fix bracket of 96mm x 28mm.

Do I have to make any deduction for the headrail or is that taken into account when manufactured?

I understand that you take off 10mm from the bottom for sill clearance.

Is it usual to fit the conservatory door blinds to the door or the frame above it or is it personal preference?




Hello Phil,

Thank you for your enquiry.

All you need to provide is the total drop (minimum) from the bracket fixing point to sill, we do the rest in manufacture.

For your reference the deduction for headrail and sill clearance is 5cm but please just provide the shortest drop.

Fit the headrail on the same plane (if your situation allows) as all the other rails, do not fix on the doors themselves remember your width for doors will be the to the inside edge of the window sills.

Have you seen this page on our website?

Hope that helps you.

Relax In Privacy: Conservatory Blinds

June 28, 2012

While the good weather lasts, most of us will find our enjoyment outdoors in our gardens and exterior spaces.  If you have added a charming conservatory wing to your home, you will want to maximise use of it during the season.   Whether for entertaining or personal enjoyment, there are some excellent solutions and décor options to enhance your conservatory into a luxurious and private space that your family can enjoy.

Adding blinds to your conservatory will have many practical and comfort advantages.   If you like to lounge inside with a good book or sit together for a quiet moment, you may not want the neighbours to be looking in on you.  If you have a conservatory with a private garden view you may wish to install blinds on every side but allow for an open side where privacy is not an issue.  This would enable you to enjoy the landscape and natural light.

Evaluate the décor and furniture selection of your conservatory before you begin.  Is it a formal setting for proper entertaining or is it more of a relaxing casual design?  Depending on the overall theme or mood of your conservatory, there are many different types of coverings which are appropriate for bringing the “outdoors in” and enjoying it to the fullest.  Whether you want to make a bold contemporary statement or a traditional or classic one, custom blinds can do much to enhance the overall esthetic of the space.

Style Ideas

An open conservatory is generally a bright and well lit room.  If you have a more formal style you may wish to invest in Roman Blinds, which come in a variety of opulent fabrics and colour choices for the window coverings that are at eye level.  The appeal of the Roman Blind is its ability to accentuate your furniture with a rich tapestry look, and when the blind is drawn the appearance remains plush and beautiful with a slightly romantic touch.

The most popular choice for window coverings in a conservatory is vertical blinds.  This is a classic choice that is easy to install as it is very durable in structure for daily use.  Vertical Blinds also offer the elegance of fabric choices and can be ordered with SRC thermal coating which helps to repel both the exterior cold and heat depending on the season.   The Vertical Blind is also a popular choice for families with young children as a damaged blind can be easily ordered and replaced.  Made to Measure Blinds UK offers more than twelve fashionable colours in vertical styles to choose from.

 If you are looking for a lower maintenance solution and wish to add a touch of wood warmth to the conservatory, consider choosing the Woven Wood Blinds.   These durable blinds come in painted colours as well as natural wood finishes and offer a lovely contrast for a more casual seating area.

Made to Measure Blinds UK has a Safebuy Five Star Consumer Rating recognizing our commitment to quality and customer service.  Recreate your space by ordering samples today, and vision your conservatory with fashionable and affordable new blinds.