Check out these fabulous patterned made to measure blinds

January 17, 2017

Checks are in. In fact, they are so ‘in’ that they are very rarely ‘out’. Of fashion, that is.

Interior designers love check patterns because they bring life to rooms where current trends dictate that the minimal look holds sway.

Checks bring style and elegance to a plain canvas, and there are so many opportunities to incorporate them – not least with a made to measure blind.

When people think of checkered patterns there are those who instantly think of gingham table clothes or delicate pinafores, but creative designers have broadened the use of checks to include every imaginable item. Continue reading Check out these fabulous patterned made to measure blinds

How to buy blinds and shades

November 9, 2016

Most people think they know how to buy blinds and shades, because it’s such a simple process – measure the window, choose a style, find a store and pay your money. Simples.

But having bought what they thought was the perfect blind things suddenly get complicated when it comes to fitting.

Challenges arise, which people hadn’t considered, the fitting process takes much longer than anticipated and more often than not an element of bodging creeps into the job.

For that reason we go all out on our Made To Measure Blinds website to take you through the buying process step by step, from your initial decision-making to fitting.

Continue reading How to buy blinds and shades

Can I fit a Made to Measure Wooden blind to my back door?

December 22, 2014

image bMade To Measure Blinds are so versatile that you can give your creativity full rein when choosing where to fit them.

We often receive enquiries from people who want to fit them in a location other than a window, and we are happy to provide helpful advice and guidance.

There aren’t many situations where you can’t fit a Made To Measure Blind, so when a customer asked about fitting a wooden blind to his back door we were happy to respond promptly with simple-to-follow instructions.

There are four things to consider when measuring, and these images illustrate them perfectly.

* Measure the gap you have behind the handle to the frame (B). This will determine the slat size you can use – 25mm, 35mm or 50mm.

image c• The width will be governed by the handle back plate (C), so measure the edge of the bead to the back plate and add the same the other side to keep the blind central.

Order the exact measurement so we do not make any further deductions in manufacture. You will also receive returns on the wooden cover valance to hide the headrail (see image).

• Allow 5cm above and below the glass bead to attach the brackets at the top, and space for a holdown clip – should you wish to use one to stop the blind moving around.

• If you have clearance on the door when in the open position you won’t need to fix a door stop at the bottom of the door, but in some situations you might have to fit one to avoid crushing the blind when opening the door.

Made To Measure wooden venetian blinds are perfect for enhancing a room’s appearance by adding a contemporary elegance to the décor.

imageWhatever the look and feel of your home, a wood Venetian blind represents an inexpensive idea to complement your existing furnishings.

This type of Made To Measure Blind will also:

  • Help to control room temperature
  • Enable you to set how much light and heat can enter a room, and
  • Protect your furniture and furnishings from fading



How to ensure that bistro kitchen look with the help of made to measure blinds

August 22, 2014

KitchenSo you like the look of the bistro-style kitchens leaping out at you in all the homes magazines and the lifestyle shows on television?

But what are the crucial elements that will set your kitchen apart from others, ensuring admiring comments from all your guests?

  • Marble or marble effect tiling and kitchen tops

What do we love about marble? In a kitchen or bathroom it’s so fresh and clean and oozes class.

It’s very tough and hard-wearing, so your investment will endure.

You don’t have to use marble on every worktop, though. You could always use it as a splashback or even just a chopping board if the budget is tight.

  • Mono colour scheme

Black and white makes a big impact, giving your kitchen the wow factor, and there is always the opportunity to add a splash of colour in your blinds to provide a highlight and a contrast.

  • Stainless steel

Even if you don’t want the industrial look for your hob and extractor fan, you can introduce it by placing a stainless steel island or breakfast bar with shiny seats and complementary implements and containers.

  • Flooring

Flooring can make or break the feel or a room, so for somewhere as busy as the kitchen it’s worth investing at the top end of the market, if at all possible.

Real wooden flooring or smart tiles are well worth the investment, bearing in mind that the area of floor you need to cover won’t be as large as other areas of your home.

  • Made To Measure Blinds

And, of course, the finishing touch is a Bistro Taupe Roller Blind – from just £32.44 from Made To Measure Blinds, with free UK mainland delivery and a 12-month guarantee – click here to view the product now!


Call now for your free sample 0844 800 9204 or click here to visit the website!

How made to measure blinds in red will put you at the forefront of interior design

July 15, 2014

First Shots (Not retouched)HAVE you been seeing red recently? It’s not rage – it’s ALL the rage!

Red, once confined to the kitchen, is top of the fashion pops. We’ve worked our way up to it through limes, yellows and the brightest of oranges, through to the more muted pastel shades – but now it’s finally come into its own.

Red is one of the most attention-grabbing and potent colours (just look at how often it pops up on TV’s home decor programmes).

Not for nothing do we call it the colour of passion – according to colour analysts, it has a strong effect on both our bodies and our senses.

Capri armchair, red £299, from Tesco Direct.

Capri armchair, red £299, from Tesco Direct.

The colour is particularly useful for dark or north-facing rooms that receive only cold light, making them seem cosy.

Rooms with a touch of red will seem warm and inviting, but be careful – too much can seem overpowering and claustrophobic.

Get a real head for red by adding splashes of colour with red rugs, throws and blinds to neutral or dark rooms.

Remember, red is a powerful colour, and if you use too much it can be a real eye-strain – keeping it as a highlight is best.

For instance, use red as an accessory to add emphasis to a pale, pretty colour scheme; poppies on bedding or a jar of bright red gerbera flowers.

In the dining room, brighten chairs with tasselled cushions and use heavy velvet throws as tablecloths to create a sumptuous look, or cheer up the room with perky gingham and scarlet crockery.

Floral scotty dog cushion, £19, M&Co

Floral scotty dog cushion, £19, M&Co

Red fits in well with the popular trend for minimalist decors. Let’s face it, all those wide spaces with whites, greys and blacks look tremendously stylish, but they can be a bit chilly.

A touch of red will warm them up while emphasising their modern good looks – leather is particularly effective. What’s more, red is a strong, masculine colour and fits in well with a ‘pad’ lifestyle.

But if minimalist doesn’t appeal, red can also be a useful colour. You can go the whole hog and combine luscious reds with terracottas and golds to create the Moroccan and Turkish look which will be popular again this year.

By mixing the warm colours, you can avoid red overkill and achieve a spicy mix to drive away the last of the winter chill. Continue reading How made to measure blinds in red will put you at the forefront of interior design

Blinds in the Kitchen

July 17, 2012

The lines from a well-loved children’s poem say it best: The kitchen’s the coziest place that I know; the kettle is singing, the stove is aglow… We all spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and if it is comfortable and cozy, all the better. Sunlight is a welcome guest in the kitchen, adding warmth and light. However, there are times when we want privacy or a little less light and heat coming in. At those times, blinds come in very handy.


Blinds are quite versatile because they can be constructed of a variety of different materials, including sheer or opaque fabric, natural wood, vinyl or aluminum. They can be trendy or traditional, subdued colours or vibrant ones. Depending on your preferences, needs, and the type of windows you have, you have a choice of venetian, Roman, roller, or pleated style blinds. With so many options, you are sure to find the right blinds for your kitchen.


Blinds help control the amount of light in the room. If your blinds are made of sheer or somewhat transparent fabric, they will soften the light and add beauty to your kitchen decor. If there are areas where you would like to block the light, as in the evening when the sun shines in your eyes as you are preparing tea, you may like something more opaque. Venetian blinds or a blackout roller blinds would work well for this scenario. There are blinds of every kind.