Here’s how to deal with tricky-to-fit blinds

July 20, 2016

tools-932759_1920When you have a difficult DIY job on your hands you can either come up with your own solution and learn from your expensive and time-consuming mistakes – or you can turn to an expert.

We know that not every blind-fitting is straightforward, and that’s why we take so much care in helping our customers at the measuring and buying stage.

It’s so that when they do come to fit their Made To Measure Blinds, the job goes as smoothly as possible.

Our pledge to you is that whatever challenge you present us with:

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Why our customers won’t be falling for the sales sucker punch

January 19, 2016

Peoplebuying-15810_1920 will soon be swarming through stores in search of sales bargains, and many people shopping on-line will doubtless be looking for sales banners screaming out with never-to-be repeated offers.

We don’t enter into such fun and games because we know what you know – that to achieve spectacular savings of 10, 20 or even 30 per cent, retailers’ selling prices would have been artificially bumped up in the run-up to the sales promotions.

Our pricing strategy is simple and transparent. We offer the best possible price at all times.

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Your Made To Measure Blinds are just that – made to measure

June 18, 2015

Constantine_purpleWithout wishing to be labelled as experts in the obvious, did you know that our made to measure blinds come ready to fit, with all fixings – and that they are the perfect size for where you’re going to hang them?

We ask this because some customers have been surprised at the level of service we provide.

They are used to compromising choice in a bid to save money, and then discovering that in making savings they either end up practically making the blind themselves or regretting the choice when the finished product, once in place, looks sub-standard.

We manage to combine excellent value for money with superb standards – and you only need to look at our customer reviews to see how pleased people are that they choose Made To Measure Blinds.

On the highly regarded TrustPilot consumer review site, Anthony Pryce, a confirmed and validated buyer, says: ‘Great product, delivery and instructions. Perfect size and colour – as ordered – and easy to fit.

‘Blinds were up and working in quick time.’

Boogie_orangeAnd here’s the crucial, telling phrase that is music to our ears – and yours, too, hopefully. Mr Pryce concludes his review by saying: ‘Never again will I attempt to cut an oversized blind when I can have made to measure at a great price. Top notch.’

Another confirmed buyer, Mike Aspery, left this review, which praised our pre-sales service and website. Mr Aspery said: ‘Superb blinds. Very easy website made ordering simple, no complications. Prompt and efficient service, quick delivery, excellent quality and they look wonderful. I have already recommended you to a friend.’

And it’s not just people on mainland U.K. who leave comments. This is from Ric Gale on the Channel Islands. ‘The service was reliable and quick. This is the third time I have used Made To Measure Blinds and I have recommended family and friends because the product, quality and value for money is so reliable.

‘Also, the shipment to the Channel Islands is quick – and an email secures the VAT back. Just great.’

If you’d like to check our independently verified reviews – and there are plenty of them – please just click here to take a look! 

Trustpilot image


Can I fit a Made to Measure Wooden blind to my back door?

December 22, 2014

image bMade To Measure Blinds are so versatile that you can give your creativity full rein when choosing where to fit them.

We often receive enquiries from people who want to fit them in a location other than a window, and we are happy to provide helpful advice and guidance.

There aren’t many situations where you can’t fit a Made To Measure Blind, so when a customer asked about fitting a wooden blind to his back door we were happy to respond promptly with simple-to-follow instructions.

There are four things to consider when measuring, and these images illustrate them perfectly.

* Measure the gap you have behind the handle to the frame (B). This will determine the slat size you can use – 25mm, 35mm or 50mm.

image c• The width will be governed by the handle back plate (C), so measure the edge of the bead to the back plate and add the same the other side to keep the blind central.

Order the exact measurement so we do not make any further deductions in manufacture. You will also receive returns on the wooden cover valance to hide the headrail (see image).

• Allow 5cm above and below the glass bead to attach the brackets at the top, and space for a holdown clip – should you wish to use one to stop the blind moving around.

• If you have clearance on the door when in the open position you won’t need to fix a door stop at the bottom of the door, but in some situations you might have to fit one to avoid crushing the blind when opening the door.

Made To Measure wooden venetian blinds are perfect for enhancing a room’s appearance by adding a contemporary elegance to the décor.

imageWhatever the look and feel of your home, a wood Venetian blind represents an inexpensive idea to complement your existing furnishings.

This type of Made To Measure Blind will also:

  • Help to control room temperature
  • Enable you to set how much light and heat can enter a room, and
  • Protect your furniture and furnishings from fading



Peter’s problem strikes a cord with Made To Measure Blinds

November 25, 2014

family-guy-window-blindsProblem blinds are a bind, so it’s no surprise that this clip of Peter in Family Guy caught our eye.

Here’s our hero manfully doing battle – and losing – with a badly behaved blind and understandably losing his temper – you can watch the video here.

As you can see, the clip attracted the attention of blogger Deyan Halachliyski.

He wrote: ‘The other day I was watching Family Guy’s latest episode – 12 And A Half Angry Men – and this funny scene inspired a post.

‘I guess the animation says it all. To open/close the blinds you’re supposed to alternately pull on the two strings.

‘Although I knew the theory I could never do it in practice – one of the sides was always lower than the other.

‘Clearly no one wants to have the left part all the way up and the right halfway down, so why was it designed this way? Why couldn’t there just be a single string doing all the work or one for opening and one for closing?’

Tread_PlateWell, Deyan (and Peter) we can explain.

The amount of cords will depend on the width of the blind, and the wider you go the more ladder cords will be required to support the blind and slats. There is no way round it – you just can’t operate a blind with just one cord.

So to avoid Peter’s problem in the past all you needed to do was pull all the cords at the same time together and the blind would have risen equally.

However, EU regulations introduced in April 2014 on child safety addressed the issue of loose and looped cords and solved Peter’s problem as well.

As a result of the new regulations all cords or multiple cords must now enter a cord collector at the top of the blind, and then exit the other side of the acorn as a single cord so all cords now remain the same level.

So, we still have multiple cords, but the safety measure keeps them all together.

More on blinds safety here

And did you know we provide free samples here


How NHS staff can save money on their Made To Measure Blinds order

July 21, 2014

health_staff_discount_logoDo you or any of your family and friends work in the National Health Service (NHS)?

Made To Measure Blinds has teamed up with NHS Discounts and Deals to provide marvellous savings on blinds.

NHS Discounts and Deals is a one-stop website for all NHS staff. The dedicated site provides exclusive NHS staff offers and deals on local and national businesses.

So as one of the country’s leading blinds suppliers it’s only natural that we would want to be able to offer our wonderful NHS staff savings on our great products.

Use this link to qualify for 5% savings on your blinds.

It’s free to register online to use the site, so do click through and start saving today.

Why you will love buying from Made To Measure Blinds:

Made To Measure Blinds helps you every step of the way when you want to choose, buy and fit blinds.

We provide:

  • Simple-to-follow buyers’ guides to help you choose the right blind for your needs
  • Straightforward measuring guides to help with your order
  • Video and printed instructions to help you fit your blinds once they have arrived

We also provide next-day delivery for samples, so you can see if your choice matches your décor.

We have a reputation for top level customer service and value for money.

Hundreds of customers have written reviews giving us five-star ratings on independently verified consumer feedback websites.

Click this link to order if you are an NHS employee – or please share this page with anyone you know who is.

How to fit Made To Measure Blinds in a challenging setting

April 21, 2014

Blogimage2Our Made To Measure Blinds offer such great flexibility that they often work well in a potentially challenging setting.

One challenge people often face concerns tilt and turn windows.

To get the full benefit of such a window customers still want to be able to open the window in the way it was intended – obviously.

After all, what’s the point of having a window that offers such great flexibility if it is stuck behind a blind which restricts its opening?

It might not seem immediately obvious how to achieve this.

But here’s the answer:

  • Choose a Venetian Blind
  • Fit the blind to the part of the window frame that opens – not the static frame
  • Add a bracket at the bottom to prevent the blind flopping forward if the top edge of the window is tilted outwards.

When measuring up – before ordering your Made To Measure Blind – it’s important that you measure the width to the edge of the window’s handle.

Also, at the bottom add 3cm to the drop past where the glass ends, so you can fit the hold-down brackets at the bottom, thereby allowing you to tilt the window as we’ve described, without the blind falling forward.

We have suggested a Venetian blind as your best option, but it is possible to fit a Roller blind. In this scenario you might find that the blind will prevent the window from opening fully, since the bracket will protrude approximately 4cm.

So before you look at your tilt and turn window and dismiss the possibility of fitting a blind it’s always worth contacting us first.

Our wealth of experience when it comes to supplying and fitting blinds means that most people come back to us time after time – especially when they appreciate what lengths we go to in order to help them select and then fit the blind that best meets their needs.

Customer Review – An interview with Mr & Mrs King

April 8, 2014

alder white 2When Catherine and Christopher King decided to order their new blinds from Made To Measure Blinds, they felt a little anxious at first – but everything worked out better than they could have hoped.

Catherine says: “We needed blinds for our bay window, and initially looked at shutters, but decided on wooden Venetian blinds as an affordable alternative – we wanted blinds to provide us with privacy.

“Because the window is a bay and needs three blinds, we were a bit anxious about measuring it accurately, but we took our time and we watched the videos on Made To Measure Blinds’ website, which were really useful.”

The site provides a clear guide to the different kinds of blind available, from Venetian to Roller to Roman and Blackout. It also includes a detailed guide to colours and patterns so customers can pick exactly what they want.

“As the site suggested, we made a template to the width of the blind and placed our order – and it worked out perfectly,” said Catherine.

The ordered blinds arrived exactly when the couple expected them, and they found them simple to put up.

“When you order things online, one of your fears is that they will arrive damaged, but our blinds were really well-packaged and arrived in perfect condition,” said Catherine.

“You don’t often come across a company as good as this one; we can’t praise them enough. You can even ring them to get advice if you need any help with measuring and fitting.”

The Kings are now delighted with their blinds, which they feel give them the privacy they need combined with an elegant look.

“Like shutters, you can tilt Venetian blinds to give you a little privacy from people walking past,” said Catherine. “We tilt ours down so the sun still comes into the room.”

The couple are now planning to order more blinds for their home from Made To Measure Blinds.

“We’re very pleased,” said Catherine. “The quality of the blinds is amazing – we couldn’t have asked for more.”


Why most people give us a 5-star rating

March 18, 2014

On-line shopping is second nature to most people now, and confidence in suppliers has risen immensely.

At Made To Measure Blinds we work hard to ensure that nothing dents that confidence when people order from us.

But on the rare occasion when things do go wrong we are confident that the way we deal with it speaks volumes for our customer service.

Even before you place an order we do our very best to ensure you receive our best attention.

We offer:

We’re only human, though, so on the odd occasion when things do go wrong our promise is to:

  • Listen to what you are saying
  • Identify how we can put things right
  • Act as promptly as possible
  • Ensure you are not out of pocket

Occasionally we will notice on an order that something doesn’t look right, based on our experience and knowledge, and we will query your order if we think that’s the case.

All this attention to detail has paid off.

We’re getting rave reviews on Trustpilot, the on-line feedback site which allows verified customers who have made genuine buys to leave comments on suppliers.

Most of our feedback is five-star, but the odd poor rating is left.

Everyone has the right to record whatever rating they like, but if we receive a poor one we like to find out what we’ve done to deserve it.  We’re only human, after all, so things do sometimes go awry.

The best way of illustrating that is for us to give an example.

Here’s how we responded to one customer who left a poor rating when genuine human error resulted in a faulty despatch.

We hope that by being open and by treating others as we would wish to be treated ourselves, that the good name of Made To Measure Blinds – which we have worked too hard to build up – will retain its sheen.