Here’s how to deal with tricky-to-fit blinds

July 20, 2016

tools-932759_1920When you have a difficult DIY job on your hands you can either come up with your own solution and learn from your expensive and time-consuming mistakes – or you can turn to an expert.

We know that not every blind-fitting is straightforward, and that’s why we take so much care in helping our customers at the measuring and buying stage.

It’s so that when they do come to fit their Made To Measure Blinds, the job goes as smoothly as possible.

Our pledge to you is that whatever challenge you present us with:

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Blinds to complement your upcycled look

May 26, 2016

kellyhoppen_smallWhen recycled furniture first came to our attention, it had a homespun appeal and fantastic green credentials – but you could have said it lacked a little in the style stakes.

Now, though, recycling and upcycling has become a huge trend, thanks to the backing of celebrated design figures such as Wayne Hemingway and Timothy Oulton.

It’s even produced its own TV show, Something For Nothing, where dumped ‘finds’ are skilfully crafted into beautiful pieces of furniture that bring as much as £1,000 when sold.

We can’t all be handy with the sander and the upholstery stapler, so thankfully, British designers are providing an easy path to the world of reclamation and salvage. Continue reading Blinds to complement your upcycled look

Why our customers won’t be falling for the sales sucker punch

January 19, 2016

Peoplebuying-15810_1920 will soon be swarming through stores in search of sales bargains, and many people shopping on-line will doubtless be looking for sales banners screaming out with never-to-be repeated offers.

We don’t enter into such fun and games because we know what you know – that to achieve spectacular savings of 10, 20 or even 30 per cent, retailers’ selling prices would have been artificially bumped up in the run-up to the sales promotions.

Our pricing strategy is simple and transparent. We offer the best possible price at all times.

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There’s an awful lot of coffee in … the UK

November 19, 2015

Unknown-3If evolution is a true phenomenon it can’t be too many years before humans develop a third hand — specifically for holding cardboard takeout coffee cups.

But when did coffee become so chic?

The FT* reports that about 1.7 billion cups of coffee are sold each year in the UK from more than 18,000 outlets, a total set to grow to almost 21,000 by 2020, according to consultants Allegra Strategies.

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How to be a stress-free host

November 17, 2015

We’re approaching the time of year when we make the most of our homes — guests are expected through the Advent period leading up to and during Christmas, and we’re all thinking hard about how to make sure it’s a special time.

Believe it or not, it’s not hard to spruce up your home for the festive season without getting stressed out — after all, everyone deserves to enjoy Christmas, especially you!

But now is the time to be planning and acting, because the sooner you act the sooner you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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Whatever else keeps you awake at night, make sure it’s not unwanted light

September 15, 2015

M2M roller blindsIt’s amazing the lengths some people have to go to in order to get a good night’s sleep.

We met a woman who was reduced to sleeping in a broom cupboard – yes, truly! – because it was the only way she could escape the night-time noise from outside her flat.

Other people’s methods of securing good sleeping conditions might not be quite as drastic, but they do mean taking unusual steps.

Some people wear earplugs, others use an eye mask, while others resort to sleeping in separate rooms to avoid their other half’s snoring.

Regrettably, we can’t do anything about your partner’s night-time snorts, but we had some interesting feedback on our TrustPilot page, from a customer who had a specific reason for ordering blackout blinds.

Dr Ian Gibson, from the United States, wrote about his experience, and his comments raise several interesting points.

Roller blog m2mHe says: ‘I had blackout blinds made to complement another set of blinds in my main bedroom, thereby getting rid of the need to wear an eye mask at night. They do the job well. I’m happy with the quality of the blind and I’m happy with the look of it.

‘I think the company gave me more material (i.e. more drop) than I asked for, which is great, because I can actually decide whether to drop it to window sill level or below for extra blackout.’

But it’s not just the product that left Dr Gibson so happy. We always stress the importance of correct measuring before ordering and we offer guides to show customers how to do this, something that Dr Gibson appreciated.

He says: ‘I took a long time working out measurements (measuring and double-checking etc) and it paid dividends, because this blind fits amazingly well. It also means I can do away with fussy curtains in the bedroom and have more of a sleek, contemporary look.’

And there was one final bonus that Dr Gibson appreciates, one that hadn’t previously occurred to him. He says: ‘It even freed up a corner from curtains so that I could display a shelf.

‘I also like the fact that the blinds came on a metallic support role. And I’m glad I went for the chrome pull cord. I went for a pattern on the blind, tpp, because I wanted to be more adventurous than I normally am, and I have to say, I really like the pattern and quality of material.’

We hope Dr Gibson’s comments are of help to you, and that you feel encouraged to explore our site and send for samples.

You can see Dr Gibson’s verified entry here

Or you can find out more about our blackout blinds – complete with 12-month guarantee – here

And remember – blackout blinds don’t need to be dark colours.

View our full range here!


Your Made To Measure Blinds are just that – made to measure

June 18, 2015

Constantine_purpleWithout wishing to be labelled as experts in the obvious, did you know that our made to measure blinds come ready to fit, with all fixings – and that they are the perfect size for where you’re going to hang them?

We ask this because some customers have been surprised at the level of service we provide.

They are used to compromising choice in a bid to save money, and then discovering that in making savings they either end up practically making the blind themselves or regretting the choice when the finished product, once in place, looks sub-standard.

We manage to combine excellent value for money with superb standards – and you only need to look at our customer reviews to see how pleased people are that they choose Made To Measure Blinds.

On the highly regarded TrustPilot consumer review site, Anthony Pryce, a confirmed and validated buyer, says: ‘Great product, delivery and instructions. Perfect size and colour – as ordered – and easy to fit.

‘Blinds were up and working in quick time.’

Boogie_orangeAnd here’s the crucial, telling phrase that is music to our ears – and yours, too, hopefully. Mr Pryce concludes his review by saying: ‘Never again will I attempt to cut an oversized blind when I can have made to measure at a great price. Top notch.’

Another confirmed buyer, Mike Aspery, left this review, which praised our pre-sales service and website. Mr Aspery said: ‘Superb blinds. Very easy website made ordering simple, no complications. Prompt and efficient service, quick delivery, excellent quality and they look wonderful. I have already recommended you to a friend.’

And it’s not just people on mainland U.K. who leave comments. This is from Ric Gale on the Channel Islands. ‘The service was reliable and quick. This is the third time I have used Made To Measure Blinds and I have recommended family and friends because the product, quality and value for money is so reliable.

‘Also, the shipment to the Channel Islands is quick – and an email secures the VAT back. Just great.’

If you’d like to check our independently verified reviews – and there are plenty of them – please just click here to take a look! 

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Sweet dreams, baby Tyler, with your Made To Measure Blind playing its part

February 11, 2015

M2M comp winnerWhen Paul and Helena Peterson had a special new arrival, they knew his nursery had to be just right.

So at five weeks old, little Tyler can boast a bedroom with lovely white wooden blinds, which Paul sourced via Made To Measure Blinds.

Nursery blinds are extra-important – light levels can be a factor in helping to make sure a little one (and his parents!) get a good night’s sleep.

Paul said:
“We were recommended to the company by a friend who has Made to Measure blinds in several rooms, and we haven’t been disappointed. We decided to go for venetian blinds for a number of reasons. We have a wooden venetian blind with a blackout roller blind behind in our own bedroom, which works really well when it comes to controlling the light levels, so we wanted that for the nursery too. Also, because we live on a London street, people are passing close by and it’s good to be able to adjust the blinds to give you some privacy.’

Delivery worked well, and because Paul has measured up for blinds before, he didn’t need to refer to the useful videos on the Made To Measure Blinds website. He also found his blinds easy to fit.

‘Our new nursery blinds are really good – we’re very pleased with them,’ he said.

And an added extra was soon on the way for the Petersons. They were the winners in the Made To Measure Blinds Christmas draw, so a £50 John Lewis voucher is now theirs to do with as they will.

‘That was a nice little bonus!’ said Paul.

Made to Measure Blackout Blinds

October 21, 2014

Memphis redIf you are a light sleeper and easily awoken by the morning sun, or perhaps work night shifts and sleep during the day, then blackout blinds are a must. If this description is you and you do not already have them put them to the top of your must have list, you will not regret it. They are incredibly effective as the description suggests at creating a dark / night-time effect at any time of the day by blocking out the daylight.

Do not be mistaken they are not for everyone and if on the other hand you enjoy waking up to the light mornings or even rely on the sun rising as a wake-up call, then blackout blinds are not for you.


With the blinds down it will feel like the middle of the night at any time of the day, making these blinds the perfect solution for daytime sleepers and they are also great for increasing the darkness on those lighter evenings. For this reason they are a popular choice for nursery’s and children’s bedrooms as they can be used to keep a continuous bedtime routine throughout the year. This can prove particularly beneficial during the summer months when the daylight hours are longer. Children tend to associate bedtime with it being dark outside and are therefore not so keen to go to bed when it is still daylight, putting the blinds down will instantly create that night-time effect. Likewise when the sun comes up in the morning the blackout blinds will block the light from entering the room so will not disturb sleep, or they can be pulled up to act as a great wake-up call on a bright and sunny day.

Blackout Roller MemphisDespite what some may think blackout blinds are surprisingly lightweight considering the results they produce and Made to Measure offer them in a wide variety of styles and fabrics to choose from. If you are looking for a bright and funky design how about the Kasuri patterned blind which comes in hot pink or royal blue. Another personal favourite is the Willersley Natural design which is perfect for those neutral tones.

Blackout blinds are most commonly used in bedrooms but they can be used in any room and in fact another point to consider is discolouration caused by sunlight. The sun can cause quite damaging effects over time so if you have a room containing particular items of furniture or flooring that you would like to protect from sunlight discolouration then blackout blinds will do the trick. They could also be considered for a living room to reduce the glare of the sun and create the perfect setting for watching your favourite movie.

Blog post written by Claire Taylor BA Hons – Design Manager