Why Ewan McGregor would like Made To Measure Blinds

July 12, 2015

Ewan pointsWe’re big fans of the Ewan McGregor BT Vision ad airing on TV at the moment. If you’ve not seen it, click here to watch!

The production team have set up a spectacular motor-bike scene and they’re eager to make the most of the A-list movie star they have on set.

Action shots are filmed and excitement mounts as they prepare to shoot the perfect, climactic scene featuring the A-list actor.
Ewan McGregor, however, is mystified.

bt_adHe surveys the scene. He sees the ‘Big TV, Tiny Prices’ display board that has dropped into place, turns and notices footballers

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Robin van Persie chomping on a sandwich as they wait to shoot their parts, and says: ‘You don’t need all this. There’s your ad’ – and he points to the board.

Cue our applause. We love that sentiment. We love keeping things simple. So we know Ewan would love us, because we have a straightforward message for you, backed by a simple five-point plan when you’ve decided you’d like to order some blinds from us.
Here’s our straightforward message
Beautiful Made To Measure Blinds at the best prices. That’s it. Sorry we can’t make it any more complicated.

And here’s our five-point plan

1) We help you choose the blind for your needs
Most people who order their blinds from us take a simple first step. They either call us on 0118 9454534 to discuss their ideas and ask us for ours, or they browse our Frequently Asked Questions page [link to https://www.madetomeasureblinds-uk.com/faqs.html]

2) Plenty of choice
Once you’ve narrowed it down to the type of blind, we then have an extensive range from which to choose. So whatever your colour scheme and whatever your pattern design preference there is something to precisely match your taste. You can even ask us to send a free sample [link to https://www.madetomeasureblinds-uk.com/fabric_samples.html]

Blinds Samples | Order Free Samples | Made to Measure Blinds UKOrder free blinds samples of our exciting traditional and contemporary fabrics to check colour coordination with your home.Read more…



3) Step-by-step guides on how to measure
This is the crucial stage of the process. We know how important it is to have your Made To Measure Blinds arrive in the exact state in which you need to fit them – with no messy trimming needed and therefore no potential for ruining the job. So we make measuring easy by providing guides for every situation you might find around the home.

4) How to fit
No guesswork involved and no trial and error, because we provide installation guides.
These are printed, easy-to-follow instructions included with each blind you order.
In addition to that, we provide written and video guides on our website, so you can easily watch how we recommend you do the job using the cleanest, most straightforward method of putting up your blinds.
We even have videos on such tricky topics as drilling through tiles and dealing with lintels.

5) Quality check
Every blind we deliver is quality checked to meet our exacting standards. We are so confident in the product that we supply, that we offer a 12-month guarantee on all our blinds.


Our special care guide
We know how important it is for your blinds to look their best for a long period of time, so you can care for your Made To Measure Blinds by following the simple cleaning instructions we provide [link to https://www.madetomeasureblinds-uk.com/cleaning-your-blinds.html]


Cleaning Window Blinds | Blind Cleaning | Made to Measure Blinds UKSimple and effective ways to clean your blinds. Regular cleaning and dusting of blinds will help to prolong their life and retain their original appearance.Read more…

Literally Lyrics – What Would Pop Stars Own According to Their Lyrics?

June 11, 2015

The biggest pop stars can often become iconic figures, adored by millions around the world with sold out shows wherever they go, but what about the words behind their music? Lyrics can often go mostly undetected by casual listeners, the type that will be able to sing along to the catchy chorus as it plays out on the radio, or hum the melody as they trudge their way to work, but couldn’t name you the B side off of the last single as the real fans would.

Well, what if someone looked closely at these lyrics and not just that, what if they took every lyric as a solid fact? That is just what we have done.

Literally Lyrics - Made to Measure Blinds UK

The rules of something counting on our list were pretty simple:

  • Any item that sounds like it is theirs, is being used by them or has been given to them
  • Avoid obvious metaphors
  • Can be from any track by the artist, doesn’t have to just be from an album or a single

As a company based in the interior design area we wanted to see what kind of items artists brag about owning. We imagined big houses, gold plated kitchen tables, diamond encrusted blinds, that kind of thing. Though we often found the lyrics mentioning about all the cars they owned, the huge sums of money they were making and their sold out shows, we also found some much more obscure and surreal items to add in. For an example, one of Drake’s lyrics talks about him having ‘a black box where suggestions go’. Maybe Drake really does have a black box for suggestions? If anyone has been to his house, do let us know. We have a couple to that you can pop in for sure.

Of course this is all tongue-in-cheek but it did throw up some interesting information. For instance the most popular car that kept cropping up in lyrics across the artists was the Maybach, and that Justin Bieber really does seem to come from out of space. Perhaps the latter isn’t totally surprising!

Next time a song comes on the radio why not listen extra carefully to the lyrics and see what weird and wonderful things would come out of that song if you did your own ‘Literally Lyrics ‘ version.

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6 ways to get to sleep more quickly

May 18, 2015

kasuri_blue_blackoutWhat’s the secret of a good night’s sleep?

Getting off to the land of nod promptly – as opposed to tossing and turning for half an hour or more – is key.

So here are 5 tips for arriving in dreamland soon after your head hits the pillow – 6 if you include buying a blackout roller blind from us here at Made To Measure, to stop the moonlight or street lighting thwarting your efforts, because even a slight chink of light can make a difference.

Our selection of Blackout blinds

You’ll be pleased to know that counting sheep doesn’t feature, but some of our suggestions are slightly left of field, so bear with us and give ’em a go.

fraser_charcoal• Alarm clock at night as well as in the morning

Yep, we know that sounds whacky, but experts say one tip is to have a regular bed-time, so instead of having ‘five more minutes’ on Facebook or ‘one more flip through the TV channels’ taking you through to 1am, set your alarm for a designated bed-time and stick to it.

• Warm up your tootsies

Cold feet are going to keep you awake, but we’re assuming you don’t want to go down the woolly socks or hot water bottle route. No, thought not, so instead tuck the sheet in at the bottom of the bed or have a blanket covering just your feet.


• Walk

Seriously, we’re not packing you off to the expensive gym for a full workout every day (ugh, what a thought) but a short time of daily exercise will work wonders for your health as well as preparing your body for sleep. Just one 15 to 20-minute brisk walk in the evening will make a huge difference. You can spare the time and the energy. Yes, really – you can.


• Read

p01lcmpcA book at bedtime. The BBC has been running a programme with that title for decades, so there must be some merits to it. The first series started on Friday, January 21, 1949, with The Three Hostages by John Buchan, so if you haven’t read that yet, it seems like a good place to start.

You can buy a used copy here, for ‘from a penny’.

Even with a thriller, you will soon find your eyes starting to droop, so if you can have your reading light on a timer you can just nod off safe in the knowledge that it won’t be left on all night.

• Listen to some music or a radio programme, again with a timer

You won’t want to have AC/DC on full volume or a frenetic, fast-moving comedy show in your lughole, but something soothing will help. Even the low, rhythmic voices of a much-loved character in a gentle sitcom on BBC iPlayer can help – as long as you put the volume down very low so you can only just hear it.

If your partner doesn’t want to listen, just pop an earphone in one ear and listen like that. It’ll drop out when you drop off, and even before the programme ends you’ll be well away.


And finally … Wayne Rooney used to leave a vacuum cleaner on to help him get to sleep. He said so in one of his autobiographies, My Story So Far.

We mention this at the end of our piece because it’s not something we’re seriously recommending, but it does illustrate the lengths some people will go to in order to generate some white noise to aid their slumber.

If you have any alternative suggestions pop over to this post on our Facebook page and join the conversation!




Sleep in the Animal Kingdom

April 16, 2015

Sleep is something we humans seem to talk about a lot. How little we are getting, how many hours we need to function and how grumpy we get if we don’t achieve our sleep goal that night. However, putting us humans aside, what about sleep in other animals? Is there a definitive pattern and how do they compare with us?

We decided to do some research to find out how our animal friends caught their z’s and came up with some astounding information. For instance, did you know that the average sleep time of a giraffe is only 1.9 hours a night? Those with newborns now have common ground with an unlikely long necked ally in sleeplessness.

At the other end of the spectrum the koala needs a whopping 22 hours sleep on average a day, which is probably similar to the average teenage at the weekend.

As with humans however, animals sleep amount is dependent on multiple factors. Whether that is age, environment, diet or just the animal’s preference, the sleep time can vary considerably, that is why it is important to note that it is the average sleep time of the particular animal studied. There is also a mix of animals in the list that have been tested in laboratory and wild settings, which can also affect times.

Have a look down the list and see which animal you compare closest to. Are you a 7hr guppy fish? A 10hr baboon? Or a 5hr goat? And for all you human giraffes out there, who are up while the rest of us are sleeping like armadillo’s, we wish you all the best and hope you can take solace in the fact that at least you don’t have any lions roaming around you as you are trying to get some kip.

Sleep in the Animal Kingdom - Made to Measure Blinds UK

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Successful Sleep Patterns

February 18, 2015

Many of us enjoy our sleep and find it vital to living a healthy lifestyle.

However, not everyone would agree with this. Often you read stories of successful individuals talking about their lack of sleep and how much extra work they can get done. We decided to compare the sleeping hours of a general working population, against the top, ultra-successful individuals working in the same sectors. We used data from a YouGov survey from a few years back, which asked 1,401 individuals in different jobs about how much sleep they get per night.

Sucessful Sleep Patterns - Made to Measure Blinds UK

It certainly brought out some interesting points, even without the successful individuals plotted in. For instance though marketing had one of the highest numbers of people sleeping for of 7-9 hours a night, it also had the highest number getting less than 3 hours. Another fascinating thing thrown up by this data was that the Politics sector has the largest number of people who don’t know how much sleep they get. I’ll let you infer from that what you will…

Not all politicians forget their sleeping amounts. Thatcher swore by getting 4 hours a night, with stories about how she would ‘keep her officials up working on a speech until two or three in the morning and then be up by five to listen to Farming Today’.

Another politician Silvio Berlusconi, apparently only manages to get 2-4 hours a night sleep, which I guess leaves him lots of room for extra-curricular activities when he is not playing at politics.

Not all successful individuals think you have to burn the midnight oil though – See Jeff Bezos and Arianna Huffington for instance.

This chart is based on the more standard monophasic sleep cycle (sleeping for once in a 24 hour period). There are however, other types of sleeping patterns that have been used to supposed success.

Puredoxyk (a writer and polyphasic sleeper) created and coined both the Uberman Cycle and the Everyman Cycle that you can see on the infographic. Reports suggest the great Leonardo Da Vinci adopted a very similar cycle to the former, though he apparently his was even shorter, only having 10 minute naps every 2 hours.

The Biphasic sleep cycle, was practised by Churchill, saying in his own words ‘You must sleep sometime between lunch and dinner … Don’t think you will be doing less work because you sleep during the day… You get two days in one — well, at least one and a half’.

Buckminster Fuller was a fascinating individual. An architect, systems theorist, designer and creator of his own ‘Dymaxion’ sleep cycle. He apparently found huge benefits in it for the two years he practised it, but had to give it up due to it conflicting with his business associates sleep habits.

Sleep is a strange and wonderful thing. A place where dreams are made, cuts are repaired and snores roam free in the airwaves. Do you think it is something to be used to our advantage like Arianna Huffington or do you agree with Edison that ‘sleep is a criminal waste of time’?

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The Hobbit: ‘Battle of the Five Armies’ Blind Designs

December 4, 2014

There is only a week or so to go until the final Hobbit film ‘Battle of the Five Armies’ is released in the UK. At Made to Measure Blinds we are huge Tolkien fans as well as of Peter Jackson’s film adaptations. We have been inspired to create blind banner designs for each of the five armies that will be doing battle in celebration of the film. Obviously we have tried to make our designs spoiler-free so that if you don’t know how it ends, we don’t ruin it for you. We hope you enjoy the designs! When it is all over we will certainly be shedding a tear, though we mainly just hope that Azog and Bolg get their comeuppance!



Iron Hills

Iron Hills Banner - The Hobbit

Leader Dain II

Race Dwarves


Lake-Town - The Hobbit

Leader Bard the Bowman

Race Men


Mirkwood Banner - The Hobbit

Leader Thranduil

Race Elves

Lonely Mountain

Lonely Mountain Banner - The Hobbit

Leader Thorin II Oakenshield

Race Dwarves

Misty Mountains

Misty Mountains Banner - The Hobbit

Leader Bolg

Race Goblins, Wargs, Bats


Who will survive the battle and win the treasure? Will Smaug burn everyone to cinders? Whatever happens it is sure to be an exciting finale!

A Journey into Dreams and Nightmares

October 2, 2014

At Made to Measure Blinds making sure our customers get a good night sleep is very important to us. All around the world at various times, people close their eyes and go to sleep. Perhaps they will experience an incredible dream or they might find themselves trapped in a terrifying nightmare…

Dreams and nightmares play a huge part in our lives, bigger than we even probably realise. The average human being for instance, spends six whole years of their lives dreaming. Incredible inventions, discoveries and creative ideas have occurred as a result of a dream or nightmare: Google, the Terminator and the double helix structure of DNA were all first imagined in the realm of dreams and nightmares.

We decided to delve deeper into the fascinating land of slumber, to create a fun and informative ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ infographic. We have collated some of what we think is the most interesting scientific research and fun facts for you to enjoy.

So as you settle in to bed tonight and feel yourself drifting off, maybe you too will dream up a fantastic creation, perhaps one to rival James Cameron’s Terminator. Whatever happens, you know that the next night ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ will always be back…

A Journey into Dreams and Nightmares

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Your Blind Style Guide

June 17, 2014

Whether you’re redecorating or just fancy something different, blinds can completely change the look and feel of a room. With an array of styles to choose from, such as Venetian, roller and blackout, finding the right type of blind for you can be a lengthy process. However, our latest style guide is here to give you a helping hand! Pinpointing the design features of each type of blind and which rooms they are most suited to, the style guide is perfect for anyone looking to buy blinds. Whether you opt for the soft, romantic style of London blinds or practical yet aesthetically pleasing roller blinds, finding the right blinds for your rooms and the atmosphere you wish to create has never been easier.

Blind Style Guide

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Amazing selection in our new Roller blind ranges of Made To Measure Blinds

May 27, 2014

Boogie_orange‘What’s your favourite colour’ might not be most adventurous chat-up line in the book but it’s certainly one of the safest.

So … given that we might have just met and that we don’t want to scare you off by saying that we’ve added 800 new fabrics across the whole site, it might be best to introduce you to a select few.

We’ve taken great care to ensure that the interior designer in you will be drooling at what’s available, with a terrific blend of textures, colours and styles.

This season’s punchy, vibrant colours are well represented to keep you on trend, but we have also extended the ranges of our traditionally popular ones.

Bear in mind that we provide free samples – often with next-day delivery – so if you see something you like and you’re not sure if it will go with your décor, just call us and request a sample.

Constantine_purpleThere’s a fantastic choice of textures too

And to complete the picture we have a new range of mix and match poles and finials.

You can create your own look by following our step-by-step guide, and we’re always pleased to offer guidance should you wish to call us.

Also new
A huge range of Blackout Roller Blinds, including seven designs with children’s bedroom themes

All new children themes: plus new designs with children themes.

Webtastic_red        Single windows


Lorenza_lilac   Rollers 01.13


Game of Thrones Blinds

April 3, 2014

With only days to go until season 4 of Game of Thrones hits our screens, fans everywhere are bracing themselves to find out what will happen next in Westeros. After the shocking Red Wedding towards the end of last season, the new series promises to keep us on the edge of our seats. So, to celebrate the return of our favourite fantasy series we’ve created some Game of Thrones inspired blinds. With designs based on the sigils of the 9 Great Houses, it’s time to show your allegiance!

House of Arryn


Motto “As High as Honour”

Region Vale of Arryan

Did you know? Game of Thrones is adapted from the novels in the A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series by George R. R Martin

House of Baratheon


Motto “Ours is the fury”

Region The Stormlands

Did you know? Filming for the series takes place in several locations, including Northern Ireland, Malta, Scotland, Croatia, Iceland and Morocco

House of Greyjoy


Motto “We Do Not Sow”

Region Iron Islands

Did you know? The House of Greyjoy is descended from the Grey King who is said to have married a mermaid

House of Lannister


Motto “Hear Me Roar!”

Region Westerlands

Did you know? Their unofficial motto is ‘a Lannister always pays his debts’

House of Martell


Motto “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”

Region Dorne

Did you know? Members of the House of Martell are characterised by their olive skin, dark eyes and dark hair in ringlets

House of Stark


Motto “Winter is Coming”

Region In exile, formerly Winterfell

Did you know? As well as English, the characters of Game of Thrones speak the fictional languages Dothraki and Valyrian

House of Targaryen


Motto Fire and Blood

Region In exile, formerly The Crownlands

Did you know? 2012 saw over 160 baby girls in the US named ‘Khaleesi’ after Daenerys Targaryen

House of Tully


Motto Family, Duty, Honour

Region In exile, formerly The Riverlands

Did you know? A major source of inspiration for the storyline of Game of Thrones is the War of the Roses in the 15th Century

House of Tyrell


Motto Growing Strong

Region The Reach

Did you know? Famed for its violence, each episode of Game of Thrones has an average of 14 deaths


So, draw the blinds, grab a cushion to hide behind and get ready for the return of Game of Thrones.