How to buy blinds and shades

November 9, 2016

Most people think they know how to buy blinds and shades, because it’s such a simple process – measure the window, choose a style, find a store and pay your money. Simples.

But having bought what they thought was the perfect blind things suddenly get complicated when it comes to fitting.

Challenges arise, which people hadn’t considered, the fitting process takes much longer than anticipated and more often than not an element of bodging creeps into the job.

For that reason we go all out on our Made To Measure Blinds website to take you through the buying process step by step, from your initial decision-making to fitting.

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Why we don’t want you to buy replacement blinds … too soon

March 4, 2016

Constantine Purple

This sparkling new blind from our Constantine Purple range will retain its just-new looks for longer with regular cleaning following our guide.

That might sound like an odd thing for a made to measure blinds supplier to say, but we care about our customers.

And it breaks our heart when we see blinds on the scrapheap when in truth they should still be serving a purpose in the home.

We offer you helpful guides every step of the way — and that includes how to care for your blinds once they are installed.

Our blinds are of good quality and are built to last and we want you to make sure they last.

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Seaside style that’s shore to please!

July 22, 2015

HepburnDo you love storing up memories of special summer holidays – and do you strive to hang on to the enjoyment of long, sunny days by memorising the sights, smells and sounds of June, July and August?

One way of keeping those memories alive is by bringing certain elements into our homes. By bringing a touch of the seashore indoors we can keep those sunny days alive with reminders of fresh salty air and a seawashed colour palette of blues and pebble hues.

We’ve been checking out marine theme accessories to help us feel beside the seaside in our own living rooms.

Seaside_huts_blue 311 311 72 largeWood is a big consideration of course – think of all the lovely driftwood that washes up on the beach. Reclaimed wooden furniture is popular this year, and you can also give your room a stylishly distressed look with the help of clever colouring.

Sand your floors to a pale finish or paint them with pale colours – sand again afterwards and seal with floor varnish to get that worn look.

White Venetian blinds give a gorgeously Mediterranean tone to any room, and you can also slant them slightly to provide privacy and to give your room subtle lighting during the day.
Look out for blanket boxes and chests, which make great alternative coffee tables while providing extra storage.

Dobbies Seaside Scene decoration from Tesco Direct

Dobbies Seaside Scene decoration from Tesco Direct

And you can also go crafty with things you find along the shore. A simple mirror can be turned into a work of art by creating a frame of driftwood, or of polished glass pebbles from a spot of beachcombing.

You can get colour inspiration for your walls from beach pebbles, too – beiges, greys and creams – and echo them with a shelf of seaside finds such as shells and stones.

As it’s the seaside, there has to be a bit of blue, too – so go for striped cushions, rugs in strong geometric patterns to make those pale floors look even more lovely, and add a sky-blue throw to your sofa for snuggly comfort.

Ticking Blue 311 311 72 thumb jpegYou could also cluster glass bottles and vases together on a shelf as a reminder of glass fishing floats, or frame some of your favourite pictures of your summer holidays for the wall.

So who cares if autumn is just around the corner? Because this look is packed with pale woodwork, light blinds and bleached finishes, your room will seem full of light, and darker days will seem brighter – and you can go on being a beach baby for the rest of the year.


M2M True white 50mm slat with white tape.

View our collection of white Venetian blinds here on our website!

Keep it light for a New York state of mind – with a blind to help

July 5, 2015

Paperbark  Maple with tape m2mInterior designers this season are taking some of their inspiration from gorgeous homes across the Atlantic.

Brooklyn, once an industrial area, is now home to New York’s most fashionable people, who have converted warehouse buildings into airy apartments and homes.

It has inspired an interior design trend all of its own, where rich leathers combine with reclaimed woods, striking patterns and ethnic fabrics.

It’s a look that’s cool yet welcoming – and fortunately, you don’t need to have a loft to create it!

Whatever the size of your room, you can take a few steps that will get you bang up to date on the latest trend.

This Aldeborough leather sofa from Tesco Direct would be perfect in a loft-style setting

This Aldeborough leather sofa from Tesco Direct would be perfect in a loft-style setting

Furniture pieces in soft leather – the more distressed and worn the better – look fantastic here and add a feel of comfort that’s really important. The look is industrial, but it should always be somewhere you can relax.

Texture and colour play an important part, so choose accessories in brilliant colours with bold geometric designs such as cushions and ethnic rugs, laid over stripped floorboards or even a more industrial finish such as polished concrete – very trendy!

Cabinets and coffee tables in reclaimed wood fit in well here, and once again fit in with a very popular interior design movement.

It’s also important in this look to think about how the room is lit. Make the most of natural light by avoiding curtains and opting for light blinds, to continue the pared-back theme.

Dark Pine with tape m2mWooden blinds fit particularly well into this theme, because they are contemporary and stylish. They’re also a gift to the homeowner because they’re a lot easier to keep dust-free than heavy curtains.

Venetian slatted blinds are perfect for the ‘warehouse’ look, because they are stylish and modern. Usefully, the slats can be tilted and part-opened to create a sense of privacy in your room – important when you need to chill out in peace.

At night, your blinds will give your room an intimate feel without ever looking cluttered. That’s when lamps come into their own, creating pools of light in key spaces – this year, also look for copper accessories such as pendant light shades that can differentiate areas such as dining space.

The rest comes down to nice individual touches – lovely cushions on your leather sofa, a woollen throw in warm colours, or maybe objects you have found, such as driftwood and pebbles, prettily displayed on a shelving unit.

Keep this look fairly sparse – choose your accessories carefully and display them well with plenty of space around them.

You may not be able to head over the Atlantic for inspiration yourself, but you can certainly get the feel – and get your home into a New York state of mind!

Choose your wooden blinds here!



Peter’s problem strikes a cord with Made To Measure Blinds

November 25, 2014

family-guy-window-blindsProblem blinds are a bind, so it’s no surprise that this clip of Peter in Family Guy caught our eye.

Here’s our hero manfully doing battle – and losing – with a badly behaved blind and understandably losing his temper – you can watch the video here.

As you can see, the clip attracted the attention of blogger Deyan Halachliyski.

He wrote: ‘The other day I was watching Family Guy’s latest episode – 12 And A Half Angry Men – and this funny scene inspired a post.

‘I guess the animation says it all. To open/close the blinds you’re supposed to alternately pull on the two strings.

‘Although I knew the theory I could never do it in practice – one of the sides was always lower than the other.

‘Clearly no one wants to have the left part all the way up and the right halfway down, so why was it designed this way? Why couldn’t there just be a single string doing all the work or one for opening and one for closing?’

Tread_PlateWell, Deyan (and Peter) we can explain.

The amount of cords will depend on the width of the blind, and the wider you go the more ladder cords will be required to support the blind and slats. There is no way round it – you just can’t operate a blind with just one cord.

So to avoid Peter’s problem in the past all you needed to do was pull all the cords at the same time together and the blind would have risen equally.

However, EU regulations introduced in April 2014 on child safety addressed the issue of loose and looped cords and solved Peter’s problem as well.

As a result of the new regulations all cords or multiple cords must now enter a cord collector at the top of the blind, and then exit the other side of the acorn as a single cord so all cords now remain the same level.

So, we still have multiple cords, but the safety measure keeps them all together.

More on blinds safety here

And did you know we provide free samples here


Why we know you’ll love your Made To Measure Venetian Blind

October 28, 2014

wild flowerA made to measure venetian blind is a great window dressing for any room.

The wide flexibility of use coupled with our vast selection of shades, materials and contemporary finishes – including matt, gloss, satin and metallic – make venetians a huge hit with our customers.

View our How to Install Venetian Blinds video here.

Here’s why they are so popular.


  • They add a splash of colour to a neutral room.
  • Finger-tip control to give you the perfect amount of brightness.
  • They’re easy to keep clean, so they always have that ‘just new’ look.
  • You can have the window open ajar to let fresh air in, but still retain your privacy.
  • Or if you want to have an uninterrupted outlook just pull the blind right up.
  • You can flood a room with natural light but diffuse it so as not to be blinded when the sun is low in the sky.
  • You get some cool shadows if you fancy taking some moody black and white photographs.
  • You can have a sneaky peek at what’s going on outside without anyone knowing you’re there – but you must make sure there’s no light behind you, otherwise you’ll cast a tell-tale shadow on the blind.
  • You can wince whenever the joker in your family (usually Dad) responds to a plea to ‘pull the blind’ by saying ‘I’ve already pulled – I married her 20 years ago’.
  • With all our ‘how to’ guides – printed and video – you’ll find it a doddle to measure up, order and finally fit your Made To Measure Blinds.



Use promo code BlogVe10 at the checkout – what are you waiting for? Start shopping!



  • Buffy loves a good Venetian blind
  • ET wistfully wonders what’s going on back home
  • Psycho, from Hitchcock






How a Made To Measure Blind can bring texture into your scheme

September 29, 2014

RollerMention interior design and most people immediately think of colour and style of furnishings. At Made To Measure Blinds another key element springs to mind – texture.

It could be because we have such a fabulous range of textured blinds to share with customers, but looking at the wider picture, we love to inspire the imagination while also acknowledging the practical aspects of design. Texture – often overlooked – can play a crucial role in the feel of a room, whatever its size.

Texture can change the entire character of a living space, either by making a striking impact or by providing a subtle contrast to smooth, minimalist lines. Here’s how …

Vertical Salsa monochromeVISUAL IMPACT

The visual impact of a room is instant, so once the eye has appreciated how the room looks – its first impression, if you like – texture can take things a little deeper, either by providing a second layer of visual interest or by providing a tactile element.


Is the room naturally light? This might influence your choice of flooring, because a carpet won’t reflect as much light as a wooden floor. In the same way a smooth, shiny Venetian blind will give a very different feel to a textured vertical blind or a pleated blind.


Think about how the room is going to be used. You will be aiming for a totally different feel to a kitchen, study or family games room when compared with a lounge or room being used for entertaining or as your home cinema, for instance. Rooms where you’re aiming for cosiness will have more texture than those where you’re aiming for clean lines with a functional, efficient feeling to them. That’s not to say that textures are out of place in a kitchen or bathroom, but it is essential to plan carefully.

So how can we achieve those aims and what elements of a room are suitable for textures?


Wallpaper and paint can both be textured, softening the surface or adding flair, depending on how flamboyant you want to be. You could also add wooden panelling to a feature wall to add character.


Flooring is a crucial element in any home, because by its nature everyone comes into contact with the floor, whereas hardly anyone touches a wall. Carpets provide a sumptuous feel but can appear tatty when not cared for properly, while wooden flooring is durable and smart, retaining its good looks for years.


Tiles are applied to walls and floors, so choice of finish is crucial. Matt or shiny, dark or light, whatever your choice a textured blind will complement the look perfectly.


You can be at your most creative when choosing furniture, with so many materials available. Leather, wood, chrome and glass all combine in various ways to set the tone for a room, whether you’re aiming for elegance for traditional dining or stylish functionality in a kitchen-diner. Again, your choice of blind can provide the perfect finishing touch.


When it comes to texture the Made To Measure Blinds Vertical Blinds and Pleated Blinds ranges offer terrific options, as you can see in these images.

We hope our suggestions inspire you in your room makeovers.


Made To measure Blinds Vertical Blind specifications

• Mounted on a powder coated aluminium white or brown headrail.

• Quality louvers with white hangers, weights, control cord and chains.

• Metal Brackets with fixings, provide top, and face fix options.

• Draw cord weight.

• Child safety device, installation mandatory.

• Multiple control options at order stage.

• Min width 25cm max width 350cm.


pleatedMade To Measure Blinds Pleated Blinds – view our full range here

Explore our the beautiful textures of our fabrics with shades of blue, grey, white, cream, beige, peach and terracotta.

Our regular fabrics are made of 100 per cent Polyester and offer glare reduction with a sun protection (SRC) factor of (8) of 9.

The reflectance rate of heat and sunlight through our pleated blinds is 59 per cent with an absorption rate of 31 per cent heat held in the fabric.

The structure of the blinds helps to filter sunlight and protect your furnishings from sun damage while helping you save on heating and cooling energy costs for your home.



dotcomgiftshop_66139954103135• The beautiful taupe bedspread (above) colouring enhances the cross-stitch design and pattern of the velvet bedspread. The rich, exquisite velvet material can be used to add a touch of decadence to any bed. Your bedroom should be designed to please the senses and this bedspread with its gorgeous combination of taupe and velvet will do just that.  From, £260

• Wonderful contrast of wood and glass in furniture in the Normann Copenhagen Ding Table (above) is from, £325

• This textured Gingham Retro Lampshade (right) is from, £29.95

Traditional or contemporary Wooden Venetian Blinds made to measure

June 9, 2014

M2M blinds wooden blind 50mm Paperbark mapleFrom traditional to contemporary, there is a wooden venetian blind to suit any interior and the result is a subtle yet effective solution to dressing a window.

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing with their clean lines and natural wood finish but a fantastic feature of this style of blind is that by way of a simple adjustment the horizontal slats can be tilted to control the amount of daylight that passes through, letting in as little or as much light as required. Generally they would be opened during the day to maximise the daylight and closed at night time to keep in the warmth, as this feature is also a contributing factor to regulating the temperature within the room, particularly during the summer months. When tilted the sleek lines cast an attractive linear shadow effect within the room.

Venetian blinds can be used in any room, however some rooms may be more suited than others. A personal preference is that they are better situated within lounge and living areas rather than bathrooms and kitchens. Increased moisture levels in bathrooms and kitchens will result in the blinds requiring extra cleaning and maintenance to keep them in pristine condition. Take a look at the range of blinds available from ‘made to measure’ which are specifically treated for use in rooms with increased moisture levels.

M2M blinds Carden 50mm wooden blindThe interior design scheme of a room should influence the style and colour of the blinds. There are a wide range of natural wood finishes available to suit any interior design scheme. If you are spoilt for choice, consider a close match to other natural woods within the room, perhaps the furniture or flooring. If you are looking for a warm colour scheme, choose the mid to darker wood tones, a personal favourite is Paperbark Maple (see image above). Alternatively for a cooler and somewhat fresher look, go for a lighter shade like Carden (see image to the right). When choosing your blinds do not forget you also have a choice about the width of the slats as there are varying sizes available.

The natural wood finishes are ideally situated within traditional interiors however if you prefer the modern look, black makes quite a statement and would suit a modern/contemporary interior. If you are undecided then white will almost certainly fit in with any interior scheme and produce an attractive result for a crisp and bright interior. Something to bear in mind is that black may require more regular cleaning as it will reveal the dust more clearly than the textured wood finishes.

So whether your design preference is contemporary or traditional, with wooden venetian blinds you simply cannot go wrong.

Blog post written by Claire Taylor BA Hons – Design Manager

How to fit Made To Measure Blinds in a challenging setting

April 21, 2014

Blogimage2Our Made To Measure Blinds offer such great flexibility that they often work well in a potentially challenging setting.

One challenge people often face concerns tilt and turn windows.

To get the full benefit of such a window customers still want to be able to open the window in the way it was intended – obviously.

After all, what’s the point of having a window that offers such great flexibility if it is stuck behind a blind which restricts its opening?

It might not seem immediately obvious how to achieve this.

But here’s the answer:

  • Choose a Venetian Blind
  • Fit the blind to the part of the window frame that opens – not the static frame
  • Add a bracket at the bottom to prevent the blind flopping forward if the top edge of the window is tilted outwards.

When measuring up – before ordering your Made To Measure Blind – it’s important that you measure the width to the edge of the window’s handle.

Also, at the bottom add 3cm to the drop past where the glass ends, so you can fit the hold-down brackets at the bottom, thereby allowing you to tilt the window as we’ve described, without the blind falling forward.

We have suggested a Venetian blind as your best option, but it is possible to fit a Roller blind. In this scenario you might find that the blind will prevent the window from opening fully, since the bracket will protrude approximately 4cm.

So before you look at your tilt and turn window and dismiss the possibility of fitting a blind it’s always worth contacting us first.

Our wealth of experience when it comes to supplying and fitting blinds means that most people come back to us time after time – especially when they appreciate what lengths we go to in order to help them select and then fit the blind that best meets their needs.