Back to nature with a wooden venetian blind

April 10, 2017

The back to nature trend in interior design shows no sign of abating, and there are a number of ways to achieve the desired effect without going overboard.


Not strictly natural, because bricks are of course man-made, but we’ve come to view them as adding a touch of rustic charm to a home.

Whether left exposed or painted, we no longer deem it essential to plaster over bricks. At least, not all of them. Many people opt for a feature wall which is left exposed. So bricks offer a dual option, either as a backdrop or a focal point. Continue reading Back to nature with a wooden venetian blind

How to buy blinds and shades

November 9, 2016

Most people think they know how to buy blinds and shades, because it’s such a simple process – measure the window, choose a style, find a store and pay your money. Simples.

But having bought what they thought was the perfect blind things suddenly get complicated when it comes to fitting.

Challenges arise, which people hadn’t considered, the fitting process takes much longer than anticipated and more often than not an element of bodging creeps into the job.

For that reason we go all out on our Made To Measure Blinds website to take you through the buying process step by step, from your initial decision-making to fitting.

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Top tips on creating a great space to study

September 27, 2015

Alpaca peacock Vertical blindAt this time of year, there’s no getting round the fact that holidays are well behind us and it’s time to get down to some serious studying, whether you’re a student or a parent with children of school age at home – or whether you are one of the burgeoning army of people who work from home.
Workspace here can often be cramped and cluttered – particularly if it’s in a young person’s bedroom. Not exactly what you need to encourage them to get on with the difficult business of homework!

So here are our top tips on creating a great space to study.

M2M Blinds 50mm wooden Blind.Set the tone
Create a calm and pleasing space. Make sure your study area is quiet and fairly tidy. If the space is for you to be working at home you could find it stressful, so keep your study space as free from noise and distractions as possible.

It’s important to make your space tranquil. Decorate the walls in soothing, plain colours in your work area, such as sage greens and duck egg blues. These are cheerful without being too vibrant.

Timesaving tidiness
Make sure you clear the floor space. Clutter easily builds up in a workspace and can make it hard for you to find materials you need easily, which costs time.

Floor with a purpose
Laminate or wooden flooring is ideal in a study as you can more easily wheel a desk chair on it. This type of flooring also gives a contemporary, attractive feel to the space. It’s also a help if you find a dust-free environment, because this saves you from allergies and sneezing.

Rylie study desk from Barker and Stonehouse

Rylie study desk from Barker and Stonehouse

Choice of desk
Next, think about a good table or desk. Laptops on your knees can lead to aches and pains, no matter how young you are. A decent desk starts at just a few pounds, but if you’re a stylish, studying adult you can go to town – it all depends what you feel will make you work well (and what you can afford, of course!)

A place for everything and everything in its place — that’s the next most important thing. So make sure you have plenty of storage space.

Jorge workbench desk, also from Barker and Stonehouse

Jorge workbench desk, also from Barker and Stonehouse

Under-bed storage can be incredibly useful in this respect, with the help of some suitable boxes that you can pull in and out as required — you might want to consider boxes with wheels.

Equally important is shelving, particularly if you need to keep a lot of books in order. Again, sturdy shelving can be achieved on a tight budget, or you can splash out on a real style statement to complement your designer desk if required.

Make it easy for your eyes
Lighting is important in a study, particularly if it’s part of a larger room – a pool of light can help create a sense of privacy and promote concentration. Buy a good desk lamp to create a pool of light to work in.

Vintage desk lamp in ivory –

Vintage desk lamp in ivory –

By day, direct sunlight can be distracting, so invest in some good Made to measure Wooden or Vertical blinds that you can slant to control the amount of light flooding into your workspace. They can also look contemporary and chic.

So … you’re all ready to study. Of course, we can’t make you or your children actually get down to some work – but at least now you have no excuse!

Keep it light for a New York state of mind – with a blind to help

July 5, 2015

Paperbark  Maple with tape m2mInterior designers this season are taking some of their inspiration from gorgeous homes across the Atlantic.

Brooklyn, once an industrial area, is now home to New York’s most fashionable people, who have converted warehouse buildings into airy apartments and homes.

It has inspired an interior design trend all of its own, where rich leathers combine with reclaimed woods, striking patterns and ethnic fabrics.

It’s a look that’s cool yet welcoming – and fortunately, you don’t need to have a loft to create it!

Whatever the size of your room, you can take a few steps that will get you bang up to date on the latest trend.

This Aldeborough leather sofa from Tesco Direct would be perfect in a loft-style setting

This Aldeborough leather sofa from Tesco Direct would be perfect in a loft-style setting

Furniture pieces in soft leather – the more distressed and worn the better – look fantastic here and add a feel of comfort that’s really important. The look is industrial, but it should always be somewhere you can relax.

Texture and colour play an important part, so choose accessories in brilliant colours with bold geometric designs such as cushions and ethnic rugs, laid over stripped floorboards or even a more industrial finish such as polished concrete – very trendy!

Cabinets and coffee tables in reclaimed wood fit in well here, and once again fit in with a very popular interior design movement.

It’s also important in this look to think about how the room is lit. Make the most of natural light by avoiding curtains and opting for light blinds, to continue the pared-back theme.

Dark Pine with tape m2mWooden blinds fit particularly well into this theme, because they are contemporary and stylish. They’re also a gift to the homeowner because they’re a lot easier to keep dust-free than heavy curtains.

Venetian slatted blinds are perfect for the ‘warehouse’ look, because they are stylish and modern. Usefully, the slats can be tilted and part-opened to create a sense of privacy in your room – important when you need to chill out in peace.

At night, your blinds will give your room an intimate feel without ever looking cluttered. That’s when lamps come into their own, creating pools of light in key spaces – this year, also look for copper accessories such as pendant light shades that can differentiate areas such as dining space.

The rest comes down to nice individual touches – lovely cushions on your leather sofa, a woollen throw in warm colours, or maybe objects you have found, such as driftwood and pebbles, prettily displayed on a shelving unit.

Keep this look fairly sparse – choose your accessories carefully and display them well with plenty of space around them.

You may not be able to head over the Atlantic for inspiration yourself, but you can certainly get the feel – and get your home into a New York state of mind!

Choose your wooden blinds here!



Why we know you’ll love your Made To Measure Venetian Blind

October 28, 2014

wild flowerA made to measure venetian blind is a great window dressing for any room.

The wide flexibility of use coupled with our vast selection of shades, materials and contemporary finishes – including matt, gloss, satin and metallic – make venetians a huge hit with our customers.

View our How to Install Venetian Blinds video here.

Here’s why they are so popular.


  • They add a splash of colour to a neutral room.
  • Finger-tip control to give you the perfect amount of brightness.
  • They’re easy to keep clean, so they always have that ‘just new’ look.
  • You can have the window open ajar to let fresh air in, but still retain your privacy.
  • Or if you want to have an uninterrupted outlook just pull the blind right up.
  • You can flood a room with natural light but diffuse it so as not to be blinded when the sun is low in the sky.
  • You get some cool shadows if you fancy taking some moody black and white photographs.
  • You can have a sneaky peek at what’s going on outside without anyone knowing you’re there – but you must make sure there’s no light behind you, otherwise you’ll cast a tell-tale shadow on the blind.
  • You can wince whenever the joker in your family (usually Dad) responds to a plea to ‘pull the blind’ by saying ‘I’ve already pulled – I married her 20 years ago’.
  • With all our ‘how to’ guides – printed and video – you’ll find it a doddle to measure up, order and finally fit your Made To Measure Blinds.



Use promo code BlogVe10 at the checkout – what are you waiting for? Start shopping!



  • Buffy loves a good Venetian blind
  • ET wistfully wonders what’s going on back home
  • Psycho, from Hitchcock






Traditional or contemporary Wooden Venetian Blinds made to measure

June 9, 2014

M2M blinds wooden blind 50mm Paperbark mapleFrom traditional to contemporary, there is a wooden venetian blind to suit any interior and the result is a subtle yet effective solution to dressing a window.

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing with their clean lines and natural wood finish but a fantastic feature of this style of blind is that by way of a simple adjustment the horizontal slats can be tilted to control the amount of daylight that passes through, letting in as little or as much light as required. Generally they would be opened during the day to maximise the daylight and closed at night time to keep in the warmth, as this feature is also a contributing factor to regulating the temperature within the room, particularly during the summer months. When tilted the sleek lines cast an attractive linear shadow effect within the room.

Venetian blinds can be used in any room, however some rooms may be more suited than others. A personal preference is that they are better situated within lounge and living areas rather than bathrooms and kitchens. Increased moisture levels in bathrooms and kitchens will result in the blinds requiring extra cleaning and maintenance to keep them in pristine condition. Take a look at the range of blinds available from ‘made to measure’ which are specifically treated for use in rooms with increased moisture levels.

M2M blinds Carden 50mm wooden blindThe interior design scheme of a room should influence the style and colour of the blinds. There are a wide range of natural wood finishes available to suit any interior design scheme. If you are spoilt for choice, consider a close match to other natural woods within the room, perhaps the furniture or flooring. If you are looking for a warm colour scheme, choose the mid to darker wood tones, a personal favourite is Paperbark Maple (see image above). Alternatively for a cooler and somewhat fresher look, go for a lighter shade like Carden (see image to the right). When choosing your blinds do not forget you also have a choice about the width of the slats as there are varying sizes available.

The natural wood finishes are ideally situated within traditional interiors however if you prefer the modern look, black makes quite a statement and would suit a modern/contemporary interior. If you are undecided then white will almost certainly fit in with any interior scheme and produce an attractive result for a crisp and bright interior. Something to bear in mind is that black may require more regular cleaning as it will reveal the dust more clearly than the textured wood finishes.

So whether your design preference is contemporary or traditional, with wooden venetian blinds you simply cannot go wrong.

Blog post written by Claire Taylor BA Hons – Design Manager

Making the choice between vertical blinds and metal or wooden Venetian blinds

February 7, 2014

Our aim is to make buying a blind as simple a process as it can be.

So when we see confusion arising it is our natural instinct to help.

One frequently occurring enquiry concerns the difference between vertical blinds and Venetian blinds.

Vertical blind – In this type of blind vertical slats hang from a horizontally mounted headrail

Venetian blind – A Venetian blind has horizontal metal or wooden slats mounted on a horizontal headrail

So, there is a similarity in that both types of blind offer tilting slats – but there the similarity ends, since one is mounted vertically the other is mounted horizontally.

You might say that the above should be obvious, but we are clarifying the situation because we know from experience that customers ask the question.

In this blog we explain

• How they differ

• What they have to offer

• Which blind will best meet your needs


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Extensive choice in our Made To Measure Blinds Wooden Venetian Blind range

January 10, 2014

Made To Measure Blinds have reviewed our ever-popular wooden blind range.

Your feedback showed that we needed to provide a broader spectrum of shades to suit every taste.

Since we value your input and strive to always meet your needs, we are delighted to respond so promptly.

There are now 15 colours from which to choose within the popular 35mm and 50mm slat size – from the rich tone of Paperbark Maple to the contemporary Chalk White and True White with its bright, crisp minimalist lines.

Mellow Pine and Valley Oak provide a selection from the mid-range of shades.


And the emerging 63mm slat size now has six colours in all the popular colours, light tones Carden mid tone Dark Pine and Dark Walnut along with the contemporary mix of True White and Ecru.


We also have the same mix of six colours available for 25mm slat size option.

Each wooden blind comes with a matching valance, co-ordinated cords and acorns, with matching stained slat ends.

All slats are wood kiln dried for stability, and to further enhance your blind there is the option of adding a wide fabric ladder tape with eight co-ordinating colour options.


Confused by the large range of blinds available? Our buyers guide to blinds gives clear guidance

November 18, 2013

whiteAT MADE TO MEASURE BLINDS we’re often asked which type of blind is the best value across our whole range.

People also ask about the qualities of each blind on offer.

To help answer those questions we have compiled a league table of blinds within this blinds buyer’s guide.

The table sorts blinds by type, listed from lowest price to highest. Prices valid at the time of uploading this blog post.

There are four price tables within each product type.

Depending on the fabric chosen, we have chosen the base range fabric from each product, then selected a common size window for the study – 175cm width with a drop of 110cm.

This provides the best like-for-like comparison.

Please bear in mind that each blind type offers a different feel and look and serves a different purpose, so price is not always the best way to compare blinds – but since you have asked the question we wanted to provide the best answer we could.

Blind variables

There are many variables and each customer will have a different priority.

  • Function
  • Level of privacy
  • Light-blocking ability
  • Room type

Some blinds work better in different rooms, so that the type of blind you choose for a bathroom or kitchen will be different to that for a bedroom or lounge.

To help remove some of the variables we have provided a description of how each blind will perform.


1st place – Roller blinds

Roller blindsWindow size for this study – width 175cm x drop 110cm – price starts at £42
This blind has the ability to be raised and lowered inside or outside the window. It has a sidewinder control unit controlled on either side.

Available in plain and pattern fabrics mounted on an aluminium tube. As an optional enhancement you can add decorative shapes to the bottom.

  • Commonly used in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom as a blackout option – offers sun protection for furniture in the lounge and full privacy when in the closed position

Order free samples here


2nd place – Vertical blinds

Vertical blindsWindow size for this study – width 175cm x drop 110cm – price starts at £51

A vertical blind offers a different functionality. It has vertical slats/louvres mounted on an aluminium headrail. 89mm 127mm wide options available in plain and pattern fabrics.

Louvres can be rotated 180 degrees front to back and stopped at any angle. They travel along the headrail and there are multiple control options on how you draw and open the blind.

  • A very popular replacement for net curtains due to its ability to offer light but with a restricted view it is not unusual to see this blind in every room of the home, it also offers a blackout fabric for the bedroom or acts very well as a privacy option matched up with curtains offers full privacy when in the closed position

Order free samples here


3rd place – Venetian blinds

Venetian blindsWindow size for this study – width 175cm x drop 110cm – price starts at £52 

A venetian blind is similar to the vertical blind in terms of functionality but it has aluminium slats 15mm and 25mm wide mounted horizontally.

The blind can be raised and lowered and the slats tilt front to back to allow light to enter the room. It also offers privacy from inquisitive eyes.

The slats are a metal so will block more light than a vertical blind.

  • Popular in every room in the home, commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, and offers full
    privacy when in the closed position

 Order free samples here


4th place – Roman blinds

Roman BlindsWindow size for this study – width 175cm x drop 110cm – price starts at £86

This blind is made from soft furnishing fabrics cottons and polyesters. Available in plain and patterned fabrics, all lined as standard with the option of a blackout lining.

A roman blind with a blackout lining offers the most effective way of blocking light for bedrooms because it is the closest fitting to your window size of all the blinds available. This will depend on how square the window is to begin with.

Mounted on an aluminium headrail that allows the blind to be raised and lowered to any given position within the window.

Offered with the cord and cleat system i.e. a nylon cord that is wrapped around a cleat to hold the blind at your desired position, or the popular but more expensive sidewinder headrail on a one length control cord system this is simpler to use, a

  • Popular choice for bedrooms and the lounge and offers full privacy when in the closed position

Order free samples here


5th Place – Wooden Venetian blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds – redwoodWindow size for this study – width 175cm x drop 110cm price starts at £87

A very popular blind. One of our favourites, this blind also offers great versatility with how you control the light entering the room.

The wooden slats are mounted horizontally on a metal headrail that tilts front to back for privacy.

The whole blind can be raised and lowered to any given position within the window and is available in four slat sizes – 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 63mm.

The larger the slat size the more light enters the room when in the open position, but then also it’s darker the bigger the slat when in the closed position.

  • Popular in every room in the home and offers full privacy when in the closed position

Order free samples here


6th Place – Pleated blinds

Pleated blindsWindow size for this study – width 175cm x drop 110cm – price starts at £110

Becoming popular for several rooms within the home, pleated blinds started life as a blind for the conservatory. Polyester fabrics mounted on aluminium headrail formed in a pleat, the blind can be raised and lowered within the window to any given position.

The fabrics have a thermal coating on the back that help to reflect the sun’s harmful rays and reduce the heat on  hot sunny days.

Will perform equally well in the winter months to help keep the heat in the room.

  • Full privacy when in the lowered position, available in plain and patterned fabrics

Order free samples here


  • PLEASE NOTE: Prices valid at the time of uploading this blog post – November 2013

The Durability of Wood Effect Blinds

January 29, 2013

Wood venetian blinds are by far one of our most popular selling window coverings.  There is much to be said about the ‘feel good’ quality of having a rich finish wood blind in the room.  They are incredibly durable and create organic warmth and a sense of well being to bring a little bit of the outdoors in.

There are some window applications however that will not suit the installation of a natural wood blind.   Certain rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens may have windows that see a disproportionate amount of moisture.    These types of windows can be difficult to cover effectively as dampness can harm or stain many types of fabrics while installation of natural wood blinds will create damage to the slats from moisture and swelling over time.

Wood Effect Venetian BlindsIf you are set on creating the look of natural wood but have a problem with moisture, we recommend our Wood Effect blind.   It has all the warmth and appeal of a real wood blind but it is made instead from aluminum.  The Wood Effect venetian finish is so realistically natural that few people can tell the difference until they actually touch the blind.   The benefit of course is that the aluminum blind is not susceptible to moisture damage and will remain durable even in consistently damp environments.


What that provides is a durable solution and quality window covering for your home.

The Wood Effect Venetian blind is available in a variety of finishes and it is a product we recommend for kitchens, bathrooms and basement windows.   Explore the variety of finish options on our product page and take advantage of our free sample program to evaluate your selections in your home before you buy.   Purchase with confidence and enjoy the convenience of ordering bespoke blinds from the comfort of your own home with Made to Measure Blinds UK.