Touching return to texture

June 28, 2017


Sleeping CatIf your living room is due an upgrade and you like to be on-trend or even ahead of the game it’s time to revive the sense of touch.

Pleats, folds, stitches and texture are all in.

This is great news if you’re looking to refurbish a room on a budget because rugs, throws, cushions – and blinds, of course – can all play a part without busting the bank balance.

Here are some suggestions for introducing texture Continue reading Touching return to texture

Marvellous monochrome with a spectacular splash of colour is the perfect combination for your home

June 7, 2017

Salsa Monochrome Vertical Blind

Not so long ago you’d have dismissed as crackpot any suggestion that a home could look stunning with a black and white ‘colour’ scheme.

But monochrome is bang on-trend and the evidence is there to see in glossy interior design magazines and store display areas.

If you think an entire home in shades of grey or stark black and white is going a step too far, then why not take the plunge in one room and see how you feel about it?

A kitchen or bathroom is the perfect place to start and you’ll soon appreciate what a striking scheme you’ve put in place. Continue reading Marvellous monochrome with a spectacular splash of colour is the perfect combination for your home

For the love of letters

May 2, 2017

Remember the last time you received a hand-written letter? You probably felt like framing it, because in a time of text messaging and social media updates the art of putting pen to paper feels like an act from a bygone era.

Maybe the fact that letter-writing seems outdated is the very thing that gives it such high value.

An old letter can provide a cherished link with a loved-one, or it could represent the perfect opportunity for some heartfelt emotion to be expressed in a depth that a spoken conversation, an email or a text cannot hope to reach. Continue reading For the love of letters

The Scientific Guide to Sleep

April 24, 2017

Sleep is a part of everybody’s day. Whether its grabbing 5 hours before having to wake up early for work, or 10 hours on a lazy Sunday morning, everybody has to sleep at some point. Whilst some find sleep easy, it doesn’t always come naturally everyone. Medication may seem like a good idea until it’s 11am the next day and you still can’t shake off the drowsiness from the previous night.

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Back to nature with a wooden venetian blind

April 10, 2017

The back to nature trend in interior design shows no sign of abating, and there are a number of ways to achieve the desired effect without going overboard.


Not strictly natural, because bricks are of course man-made, but we’ve come to view them as adding a touch of rustic charm to a home.

Whether left exposed or painted, we no longer deem it essential to plaster over bricks. At least, not all of them. Many people opt for a feature wall which is left exposed. So bricks offer a dual option, either as a backdrop or a focal point. Continue reading Back to nature with a wooden venetian blind

The joy of a new-born baby and decorating their nursery

February 27, 2017

Not long after any couple discovers that they are expecting a baby, thoughts turn to creating a wonderful nursery so that once the little one arrives she or he has a special room with a calming yet inspirational atmosphere.

A place where night-time feeds or nappy-changing sessions can be undertaken in practical yet comfortable surroundings with the minimum of fuss, but which reflect the joy and optimism that a tiny baby brings.

As well as cuddly toys, furniture and furnishings, décor will be paramount.

Many parents shy away from the option of being told the sex of their baby before it is born, so this immediately reduces the chances of going for gender-specific stereotypes in choosing pink for a girl or blue for a boy.

This is reflected in the range of child-themed Roman blinds which we offer.

Here are some of your options. Continue reading The joy of a new-born baby and decorating their nursery

Writer’s Retreats

January 19, 2017

The creative space of a writer plays a crucial role when it comes to creating a piece of work. It is the area where they let their ideas and writing flow, and so it is a space that ends up reflecting the nature of the author. As a blinds company, we know all about the importance of an interior space and creating the right atmosphere to suit your needs. We decided to look at some of the preferred indoor spaces of some famous authors to see where these creative minds crafted their works. Continue reading Writer’s Retreats

Check out these fabulous patterned made to measure blinds

January 17, 2017

Checks are in. In fact, they are so ‘in’ that they are very rarely ‘out’. Of fashion, that is.

Interior designers love check patterns because they bring life to rooms where current trends dictate that the minimal look holds sway.

Checks bring style and elegance to a plain canvas, and there are so many opportunities to incorporate them – not least with a made to measure blind.

When people think of checkered patterns there are those who instantly think of gingham table clothes or delicate pinafores, but creative designers have broadened the use of checks to include every imaginable item. Continue reading Check out these fabulous patterned made to measure blinds

How to buy blinds and shades

November 9, 2016

Most people think they know how to buy blinds and shades, because it’s such a simple process – measure the window, choose a style, find a store and pay your money. Simples.

But having bought what they thought was the perfect blind things suddenly get complicated when it comes to fitting.

Challenges arise, which people hadn’t considered, the fitting process takes much longer than anticipated and more often than not an element of bodging creeps into the job.

For that reason we go all out on our Made To Measure Blinds website to take you through the buying process step by step, from your initial decision-making to fitting.

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