Tilt and turn fitted with a Venetian Blind

Tilt and turn fitted with a Venetian Blind

Tilt and Turn widows with blinds

To allow you're Tilt and Turn window to fully function, the most effective blind would be the Venetian blind, Fit the blind at the top of the opening frame, and take the width to the edge of your handle.
Measure 3cm short of the drop, so you can fit the hold down brackets, this will allow you to tilt the window without the blind falling forward.

You could also use a Roller blind however this may prevent the window from fully opening to ninety degrees of the frame. The bracket will protrude approxmatly4cm, open the window and see what space you have in the open position.

A pleated blind would also work in the same manor, of the three I would select the Venetian blind as it offers a greater degree of privacy options, and has the holdown brackets at the bottom.

Below a typical type of installation for this type of blind.

Image title Tilt and Turn widows with blinds.