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Faux wooden venetian blinds create a warm and cosy atmosphere, making them perfect for your living room or bedroom. Each blind is made to measure, made up of wood composite and polymer coatings ideal for a damp environment, available in a range of eleven wooden colours and six on-trend grey and white shades, meaning you can find your ideal colour at your ideal size and price.
They are both solid and functional choose from 38mm, 50mm & 63mm slat sizes that provide a light, airy atmosphere.

When deciding on your choice of slat width you should consider that the larger the slat the more light enters the room when they are set in the open position, this also creates a smaller stack when raised. Conversely, if you choose a larger slat size then less light will enter the room when in an closed position. 

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Fauxwood with decorative headrail

What will you receive with our Fauxwood blind!

What's in the box?

  1. Colour co-ordinated brackets offering top and face fix options.
  2. Screws and rwalplugs.
  3. Decorative valance clips.
  4. Child safety device, installation mandatory fixed at a minimum height of 150cm or more from the floor.
  5. Optional cover valance return ends supplied on blinds orderd as (Exact).

 6.Decorative headrail shape made from ultra-strong polymer, metal inserts suplied as standard on widths over 195.0cm. Attractive enough to have without a valance, see images above and below.

 7. Integrated light block strip underneath headrail. With an extra pull on the tilt cord will raise the top slat up behind the strip covering the light gap.

 8. Optional co-ordinating tapes.

 9. Available in 38mm, 50mm and 63mm slat sizes.

10.Colour co-ordinated cords / toggles and base rail, provided with cord-consolidators for child safety.

11. Trapezoid shaped base rail with concealed underbutton for closure on window sill.

Fauxwood: colour Astral showing optional cover valance.

Fauxwood colour Astral showing optional cover valance.

Fabric tapes are optional if selected on the 50mm slat size we will provide the following 25mm wide tape co-ordination.

Snow: White tape
Chiffon: Ivory tape
Haze: Grey tape
Medium Oak: Natural tape
Autumn Gold: Tan tape
Rustic Oak: Earth tape
Cinder: Jet tape
Cirrus: White tape
Greige: Taupe tape
Flint: Graphite tape
Astral: Grey tape
Tenne: Tan tape
Berry Brown: Earth tape
High Shine White: White tape
High Shine Ivory: Ivory tape
Cool White White: White tape

Optional co-ordinating tapes.

Total blind stack size in relation to drop of blind.

Fauxwood total blind stack size.

Ladder cord quantities dependent on blind width:

How many ladder cords to any given width of a fauxwood blind

NOTE: Child safety loose cords and looped cords.
Installation height not known.
“Please advise us immediately after placing your order quoting your order number via email, if your blind headrail is to be installed in excess of 2.5 metres from the floor.This is essential so that control lengths can be adjusted, otherwise blinds will be supplied with controls compliant with EN 13120 so will be supplied up to a maximum of 1 metre long.” *If drop is greater than 2.5m then cord and chain length must be less than or equal to drop of blind minus 1.5m.

Buying faux wooden venetian blinds couldn't be easier - simply follow the steps here. Don't forget, our blinds are delivered free to UK mainland
if you spend over £149.00 and come with a comprehensive 12-month guarantee. All items are packaged to a high standard to ensure
quality of goods upon delivery.

Fauxwood venetian blind technical information:

Please note: if ordering wooden venetian blinds and your order is for the blinds to be made Exact, then the blind headrail will be provided with wooden returns to go with the optional top wood cover valance. This is an optional extra that hides the blind's headrail and the ends.

It is your choice if you use them or not, simply trim to size if not required. You would only use the returns if the blinds were to sit outside the recess free of window returns, and obstructions. The blind itself will not change in size only the wood valance.

If you decide not to use the returns, then simply cut the valance square to the width of your head rail with a small tenon saw.

Ordered as BLIND SIZE (EXACT): blind made to your exact width and drop given*(see note), will include brackets at ends, for blinds with end fixings.
Ordered as RECESS (INSIDE MOUNT): we deduct 10mm from the width given, will include brackets at ends, for blinds with end fixings.

Our manufacturing tolerance on both width and drop +/-3mm.

*Note: customers ordering venetian blinds should note that due to the nature of the manufacturing process involved, exact drops cannot always be achieved, and small tolerances due to ladder spacing's must be expected. Made To Measure Blinds can assure our customers that our production operatives take both optimum operation and aesthetic considerations into account when producing your blinds.

Consideration needs to be given if the intended use is for mounting a wooden blind over doors. We provide a chart at the foot of this page that shows approximate stack sizes, allowances would need to be made for the bracket location above the door to allow sufficient head height, secondly it would be considered that the raise and lower operation would generally be used less frequently than the slat tilt operation, as regular use of the raise option on a daily basis over doors for a blind that consisted of a large width and drop would put an unreasonable amount of wear and tear on the raise and lower cords that could cause the cord to fray, it is also important to maintain the full open angle on the raise cord lock when moving the blind up and down, as improper use can also cause cord to fray. We would not recommend the use of a wooden blind over a door if it is intended to be in constant daily use.

  • Same room option
  • Minimum width: 32cm
  • Maximum width: 259cm
  • Minimum drop: 20cm
  • Maximum drop: 240cm
  • Headrail ultra-strong polymer, metal inserts suplied as standard on widths over 195.0cm
  • Headrail size (38mm slats) 60mm* wide x 43mm deep, or 66mm* with bracket attached, clips into the top of headrail see image above
  • Headrail size (50mm slats) 60mm* wide x 43mm deep, or 66mm* with bracket attached, clips into the top of headrail see image above
  • Headrail size (63mm slats) 60mm* wide x 43mm deep, or 66mm* with bracket attached, clips into the top of headrail see image above
  • Blind headrail depth with bracket and valance 38mm slats 6.4cm
  • Blind headrail depth with bracket and valance 50mm slats 6.4cm
  • Valance is 12mm thick
  • Slats: 3mm thick
  • Controls: raise and lower by cord
  • Raise right, tilt left as standard

Made to measure fauxwood blinds.

Made to measure fauxwood blinds.