How to Measure for Wood Effect Venetian Blinds

Additional measuring information for all window types

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Standard Window

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Angled Bay Window

Conservatory Window

Multiple Blinds for large windows

For more information about the fixtures and fittings supplied with our blinds, please view our Wood Effect Venetian Blind information page. For a complete guide on installing your wood effect blind visit our How to Install page.

See BRACKET IMAGES & SIZES at foot of page.
Image title Measure for inside mount.

Inside mount (recess)

  1. Measure the width in the three places - top, middle and bottom. Make a note of the smallest measurement for your order.
  2. Measure the drop in three places - left, middle and right. Make a note of the smallest measurement for your order.
  3. Remember to allow for any obstructions.
  4. Please note that you will lose a small amount of fabric from each end of a roller blind - 1cm off the pin end and 1.8cm off the controller end, to allow for operation. Please see below: Fig (1) and Fig (2).
  5. When you enter your measurements on your order, mark them as recess and we will make the necessary deductions for your blind to fit in the recess. Please note the deduction is 0.5cm for roller blinds and 1cm for all other blinds.

Ordered as RECESS (INSIDE MOUNT): we deduct 10mm from the width given, and this will include brackets at ends, for blinds with end fixings.

With the exception of vertical blinds we deduct 10mm from the width, and drop given (note drop +/- 4mm tolerance), and will include brackets.

Outside mount (exact)

  • Measure the exact width and height you want for your blind and make a note of your measurements. Image title Outside recess.
  • Allow a minimum of 4cm above your window for brackets, so add 4cm to your total drop to allow for a fixing above your window (see diagram).
  • Add a minimum of 4cm to the sides of your window for additional privacy and to block more light. Be aware of any obstructions, such as doors opening onto the wall next to the blind.
  • Enter exact on your order and we will manufacture the blind to your precise measurements.
  • Ordered as BLIND SIZE (EXACT): then the blind made to your exact width and drop given. This will include brackets at the ends, for blinds with end fixings. With the exception of vertical blinds that will be made to your exact width. The drop will be less 1cm and will include brackets.

Bracket Dimensions 

Find the bracket dimensions below.

Venetian blinds.

Face fix, top fix, options we also offer a UEB EXT face bracket for conservatory installation, or face fix from your window frame.

Image title Standard Venetian Blind swivel bracket.

          Image title Venetian blind UEB EXT face fix bracket.

NOTE: Child safety loose cords and looped cords.
Installation height not known.
“Please advise us immediately after placing your order quoting your order number via email, if your blind headrail is to be installed in excess of 2.5 metres from the floor. This is essential so that control lengths can be adjusted, otherwise blinds will be supplied with controls compliant with EN 13120 so will be supplied up to a maximum of 1 metre long.”
*If drop is greater than 2.5m then cord and chain length must be less than or equal to drop of blind minus 1.5m.