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How To Drill A Ceramic Tile Safely

Additional Measuring Information for All Window types

For additional fitting information on how to measure for different window types click on the relevant link:

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How to measure all blind types

Standard Window

Box Bay Window

Angled Bay Window

Conservatory Window

Multiple Blinds for large windows

Select how to install print PDF or Video format.

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PDF:      Pleated Blinds Fitting guide & Child safety.pdf                                     

Video:  How to install Pleated blinds

PDF:     Louvolite SC32 Roller Blind Fitting guide & Child safety.pdf                 

Video:   How to install Roller blinds SRC32

PDF:      Roman Blinds Fitting guide & Child safety.pdf                                          

Video:  How to install Roman blinds

PDF:      Venetian Blinds Fitting guide & Child safety.pdf                            

Video:  How to install Venetian blinds

PDF:      Vertical Blinds Fitting guide & Child safety.pdf                                    

Video:  How to install Vertical blinds

PDF:     Wooden Venetian Fitting guide & Child safety.pdf          

Video:  How to install Wooden Venetian blinds

PDF:     Faux Wood Venetian Fitting guide & Child safety.pdf 

PDF:     Roller Blind Fitting guide & Child safety.pdf    

Video: How to install Roller blinds standard type