Quality Kitchen Blinds from Made To Measure Blinds

At Made to Measure Blinds Ltd, we boast one of the broadest varieties of kitchen blinds UK has to offer. In our vast product collections, you’ll find the blinds that will complement your kitchen’s style perfectly, but we understand that tracking down the most suitable product can be challenging. For that reason, here are the main differences between the various types of blinds we have available:

Kitchen Roller Blinds

Our quality made to measure kitchen roller blinds are ideal for those who want to bring vibrant colours and striking patterns into their home. Whether you want a simple design or a bold image, we have the perfect kitchen roller blinds made to measure for you.
If you need any further clarification on the differences between the blind types detailed above, don’t hesitate to read some of our handy guides or get in touch with our professionals for more information.

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Kitchen Wooden Blinds

If you want to bring the natural colours of the outdoors into your home, then made to measure kitchen wooden blinds might be the perfect product for you. We can treat our blinds to make them completely fire retardant, and we have a wide selection of materials from which to choose. With our wooden blinds, you have complete control over how much light enters your kitchen, and they can also be used to regulate heat.

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Kitchen Fauxwood Blinds

If you’re looking for a more economical alternative to wooden blinds, then you might be interested in browsing our range of made to measure kitchen fauxwood blinds. Even though these blinds are made from alternative materials to wood, they appear almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Plus, both fauxwood and real wood are easy to clean.

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Kitchen Vertical Blinds

Unlike fauxwood and wooden blinds, made to measure kitchen vertical blinds feature – as you might assume – vertical louvres. These louvres, or slats, can be opened to whichever angle you like, meaning they also let you control the amount of light and heat that enters your home through the windows.

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Choosing the Right Kitchen Blinds Made to Measure

Blinds are a fantastic way to cover the windows in your kitchen. The versatile and adjustable nature of them allow you to regulate heat and light into the room, which means they are functional without compromising on style.

Blinds made to measure for the kitchen Roller Blind, Wooden Blind, Fauxwood Blind, and Vertical blind.

Easy to Clean Kitchen Blinds

One of the standout features of all our products is that they’re easy to keep in top condition for years. Vertical blinds require very little upkeep, and should one of the slats break, you can buy an individual replacement. All it takes to maintain wooden and fauxwood blinds is a quick dust from time to time, while roller blinds can be cleaned with ease when they’re fully extended.

Other benefits of purchasing made to measure kitchen blinds include:

  • Buy Truly Original Kitchen Blinds

There’s no need to limit yourself to what’s on offer in the high street stores when you can choose a made to measure product that you won’t find anywhere else. If you want your home to make a statement about your tastes in style, then made to measure blinds are the perfect product for you, whether they blend seamlessly into your room’s décor or stand out as a striking feature.

  • Customise Your Blinds to Suit Your Requirements

From ensuring your blinds are fire retardant to customising the edges to suit your stylistic preferences, we can customise all our products to ensure you’ll adore them for years to come.

  • Browse an Almost Limitless Range of Products from Home

You can browse hundreds of beautiful designs using any device with an internet connection, whether it’s a laptop, phone or tablet. You’ll find that our website is easy to use on all devices, and if you ever need a hand, we’re only a phone call away.

  • Purchase  Blinds That Will Be a Perfect Fit

Provided you measure your windows accurately, you can feel confident that your blinds will fit snugly. We have a range of useful guides to help you measure blinds, but if you get stuck, our professionals will happily offer guidance over the phone.

  • Don’t Spend More than Necessary on Quality Made to Measure Blinds

Even though we only supply high-quality made to measure blinds that almost guarantee to survive years with minimal-required maintenance, we remain one of the nation’s most cost-effective suppliers – and we aim to stay that way.

  • A Highly Recommended Supplier of Made to Measure  Kitchen Blinds  

We’re a family-run business that takes great pride in being able to cater to any requirement regarding functionality and design. In addition to delivering to all corners of the UK, we’ve grown to become a highly recommended supplier of custom kitchen blinds because we aim to be:

  • The Best-Value Provider of Custom Kitchen Blinds

As you can see, our blinds start at less than £30 despite being high quality and durable, which makes our products extremely high value.

  • The Nation’s Most Varied Supplier

We have so many different types and designs of blinds available that we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for by browsing our website.

  • The Most Reliable Customer Service and Aftercare Support

We cover our blinds with 12-month warranties for your peace of mind, but you can feel confident they’ll stand the test of time. If you experience any problems, one of our friendly professionals will gladly offer a helping hand.

 Order Your Kitchen Blinds Made to Measure Today

If you want to make a small change in your kitchen that guarantees to make a dramatic difference, then you won’t regret ordering our exceptionally original and highly beautiful made to measure kitchen blinds. Because of the number of choices we have to offer, we have a product that will complement your kitchen’s style perfectly. Plus, because all our kitchen blinds are made to measure, rest assured they’ll be a perfect fit.

Even though we’re a family-run business that stays true to its roots and business values, we’ve grown to become one of UK’s leading suppliers of custom kitchen blinds. Our 9.5 Trustpilot rating from over 1,000 reviews speaks for itself, but if you have any questions or want to know more about what we can do for you, don’t hesitate to call us on 0844 8009204.