Made to Measure Blinds

Interior design has led to a change in the way we dress our windows and approach window coverings. Net curtains - once the most popular window dressing - now appear dated and unfashionable, and have been replaced by a wider selection of blinds, These still offer the privacy of a net curtain, but can become a design feature in your home.

Made-to-measure blinds
Made To Measure Blinds.

Modern blind styles are often fitted within the window recess to give increased privacy, block out UV rays which can fade fabrics and keep your room well insulated. This can make it difficult to buy a ready-made blind, as they often come in a limited range of sizes that may not meet your requirements.

Made-to-measure blinds enable you to create blinds bespoke to your needs, at an affordable price. If you have an older house with unusual window sizes, we can make blinds to your exact measurements and deliver it to your door within 5-10 days. With prices starting from £19, having a blind custom-made is no more expensive than buying a blind off the shelf.

Our manufacturing process enables you to choose where the blind controls will sit, the shape you require on the bottom edge, the colour of your controls, and also if you require a cleat to keep the chain out of harm's way. If  you feel you require more information or guidance, then please contact us by email or phone, and we will be on hand to help you make the right decision.