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A made to measure pleated blind allows a soft light level to enter the room as well as providing additional privacy, making them the ideal solution for rooms such as conservatories. If your window or conservatory is south facing pleated blinds are a great choice as most of the fabrics that are used contain an aluminium reflective coating that reduces fading and can also help keep your room warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Our pleated blinds are available in a wide selection of popular colours including blue, grey, white, cream, beige, terracotta and peach, as well as our designer range of fabrics which features the latest interior trends.

Select your choice of colour and fabric from the swatches below and once you have chosen your blind colour simply follow the numbered steps to check your pricing and place your order online. If you are unsure how to measure your window or install your pleated blind then see our useful guides: how to measure and how to install which will give you all the help and advice you will need to ensure your new pleated blinds fit perfectly.

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Pleated Blinds starting from £49.81

Semi-transparent ambience.

Since we do not get an abundance of sunny days here in the UK the choice of semi-transparent fabrics such as our pleated blinds are a wonderful compromise. Pleated blinds offer a degree of privacy and light filtration without blocking out the glow of natural light. They are becoming a popular choice and one of our top selling products for a variety of décor applications in both residential and commercial settings.

What is trending now in terms of style for window coverings is the use of a semi-transparent pleated blind to accentuate the other colours in the décor. For instance a neutral room with subtle red accents can be enhanced by adding vibrant red pleated blinds to draw the eye to the secondary colour. The effect of using a striking colour is that it creates an ambient light source as filtered sunlight travels through the blind.

 Explore our standard fabric options with shades of blue, grey, white, cream, beige, peach and terracotta. Our regular fabrics are made of 100% Polyester and offer glare reduction with a sun protection (SRC) factor of (8) of 9. The reflectance rate of heat and sunlight through our pleated blinds is 59% with an absorption rate of 31% heat held in the fabric. The structure of the blinds helps to filter sunlight and protect your furnishings from sun damage while helping you save on heating and cooling energy costs for your home.

Pleated blinds from Made to Measure Blinds UK are easy to install and maintain, wiping clean with a damp cloth or hover brush attachment to remove the dust. The designer series fabrics have no SRC backing and offer more transparency. The thinner fabrics offer less heat reflectance and absorption but are presented with a variety of fashionable patterns which make full use of the semi-transparent light, projecting very unique effects through rich colour. The designer fabrics are the perfect choice for rooms which do not require a great deal privacy or heat and light filtration, but they make a wonderful impression as an artful focal and area of interest.


  Explore exciting fabrics in our designer series such as the decadent Sabrina Pumpkin or the opulent Joycelyn Natura. Get creative with the modern kaleidoscopic Yvette coral or the delicate feminine pattern of our Florence Beige.

At Made to Measure Blinds UK we want to encourage the creative application of our window coverings which can truly change the entire look and feel of your home economically. Find out how easy it is to shop, order and install your new blinds at a fraction of the cost of regular retail window coverings. We custom create every order just for you.

 Explore the trend of semi-transparent blinds with our Designer no-backing fabrics. If you have a need for a little more privacy, explore our other options in this fashionable high quality style.

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