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Roller blinds are trending as a way to introduce colour and pattern into an otherwise neutral decor. For a professional look, start by choosing a hue that is represented in your interior design scheme. By coordinating a complimentary colour from your accessories or other furnishings, you can tie in your roller blinds for a polished professional result. Roller blinds are literally a canvas that you can express yourself with adding interest, depth and character to your decor. Roller Blinds are an ideal option for families with pets or small children, and one of our most popular selling styles. The roller blind is an uncomplicated and affordable window solution for your home which offers superior performance as a privacy screen. It is also very effective at blocking light and managing heat permeation in a room which can save you money on energy costs, making Roller Blinds an environmentally friendly choice.

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Roller Blinds starting from £28.60

While the roller blind is a versatile design it is most commonly used in bedrooms and multimedia areas where you may wish to completely remove window light for television viewing or rest. The tight fitting design of the roller blind effectively blocks almost all light from entering the room. We also offer specially designed Black Out blinds for those who need a completely dark space with no light penetration. Given the solid fabric structure of the roller blind it insulates your home from incoming UV heat during warm summer months while blocking out cold and dampness around window frames during off seasons.

Did you know that roller blinds are a healthy choice for individuals with asthma or allergies? The material of a roller blind is typically very easy to clean and unlike venetian blinds, there is no horizontal surface for dust or other particles to accumulate. They can be conveniently wiped clean while hanging with a damp cloth. Those with environmental sensitivities can certainly breathe a little easier with quality roller blinds in their home.

To use the roller blind, simply raise or lower the blind using the sidewinder control chain this can be mounted on the right or the left as you face the blind. There are custom coating options which can be ordered to make your window coverings flame retardant offering additional peace of mind.

Value conscious consumers find roller blinds to be very economical, easy to install and affordable to replace whenever redesigning décor. They are an affordable option to refresh window coverings if you are selling your home, adding purchase value. The roller blind is very easy to clean and maintain and provides a great return on purchase value with years of enjoyment.

We are so certain that you will love your new Made to Measure blinds that we provide a comprehensive one year guarantee on all our products!

Browse our available patterns and fabrics and order your free samples to be delivered directly to your home. That way you can explore a variety of colours and design options for your space. Update your décor by personalising your roller blinds with six different edge options as shown and try something a little different!

Measure, order and install your new quality window coverings from the comfort of your own home with Made to Measure Blinds UK. We make shopping convenient and easy, and we offer quality customer support and video tutorials to help you install your new blinds. Family owned and operated, our friendly staff are also available to answer questions and provide assistance.

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