Roman Blind Product Information

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Roman blinds create a luxurious feel to the room, giving the warmth of curtains with a neat and tidy look. Cotton and Polyester fabrics fully lined, and have the option of blackout linings for the bedroom. Cord and cleat or sidewinder controls.

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What's in the box?

Image title Roman blinds what's in the box.

Please note we only supply one set of the appropriate brackets per blind dependant on your order request.

  1. Rawl plugs No 6 x 2cm woodscrews
  2. White powder coated swivel brackets top, face fix options, supplied with sidewinder roman.
  3. Box bracket clip face fix, top fix options cord and cleat type.
  4. Silver cord cleat child safety must be secured at a minimum height of 150cm from the floor.
  5. Child safety device sidewinder note*.
* installation mandatory.

Pic (1)                                                      Pic (2)

Cord & Cleat Roman, Sidewinder Roman blind.

Roman blind.

  • Pic (1) Cord and cleat type with aluminium headrail

  • Colour featured (Bedrock Tan)

  • Pic (2) Sidewinder type with aluminium headrail

  • Colour featured (Vintage berry)

  • Fully lined with fibre rods

  • Stitched pocket containing the weight bar

  • With or without blackout lining option

NOTE: Child safety loose cords and looped cords.
Installation height not known.
“Please advise us immediately after placing your order quoting your order number via email, if your blind headrail is to be installed in excess of 2.5 metres from the floor. This is essential so that control lengths can be adjusted, otherwise blinds will be supplied with controls compliant with EN 13120 so will be supplied up to a maximum of 1 metre long.”
*If drop is greater than 2.5m then cord and chain length must be less than or equal to drop of blind minus 1.5m.

Buying roman blinds couldn't be easier - simply follow the steps here.

Don't forget, our blinds are delivered free to UK mainland if you spend over £149.00 and come with a comprehensive 12-month guarantee. All items are packaged to a high standard to ensure quality of goods upon delivery.

Roman Blinds Boogie Orange, Elspeth Ivory, Ingrid Paprika.

Roman blinds technical information:

  • Controls: cord and cleat / sidewinder 
  • Blackout lining: (sidewinder only) 
  • Brackets: universal
  • Top fix / face fix 
  • Depth of blind headrail with bracket attached sidewinder: 4.4cm
  • Depth of blind headrail with bracket attached cord and cleat: 4.5cm
  • Same room option 
  • Without join: minimum width 35cm maximum width 130cm
  • Minimum drop: 40cm - maximum drop 250cm
  • With join minimum width: 35cm maximum width 250cm
  • Minimum drop: 40cm maximum drop 250cm

Ordered as BLIND SIZE (EXACT) blind made to your exact width and drop given, will include brackets at ends, for blinds with end fixings.

* Note we allow between 5-10mm of clearance from drop provided in manufacture to allow the roman to hang freely from the floor or windowsill.

Ordered as RECESS (INSIDE MOUNT) we deduct 10mm from the width given, will include brackets at ends, for blinds with end fixings.

Image title How we join our wide blinds/

The join is manufactured with one central panel, and two equal side panels.


  •  Size of stack when in raised position 16-18cm
  •  Sidewinder headrail aluminium 4cm wide x 4cm deep
  •  Cord and cleat headrail aluminium 4.5cm wide x 2.6cm deep
  •  Selected roman blinds can be dry cleaned
  •  Please ensure all fibre rods and cords are removed beforehand

We use white and ivory colours for our lining, white with white fabrics and the ivory as standard on all other fabrics.

The same applies for the blackout lining option. Blackout romans are supplied on sidewinder controls only.

Blinds within a bay or side by side:

With our manufacturing process we can provide a horizontal pattern match, but we do not “wallpaper match” side by side or centre patterns.

Polyester fabrics do not stretch and have a high resistance to abrasion.
The fibre does not absorb moisture readily.

Cotton is a natural fibre that can be used to create a variety of fabrics.
It readily absorbs moisture which could lead to shrinkage and would not be suitable for moist conditions.