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A made to measure venetian blind is an ideal window dressing for any room in the home due to its flexibility and the vast selection of shades, materials, and contemporary finishes available, including matt, gloss, satin and metallic. A venetian blind allows you to control the amount of light, heat and privacy in a room with ease, simply by adjusting the slats to allow more or less light into a room or alternatively you can retract the blind fully, whatever suits your mood or privacy requirements, a venetian blind will meet those needs.

Made to Measure Blinds UK is the premium Venetian blind supplier, offering consistently cheap prices. Our vast range of Venetian blinds are available in a wide choice of colour shades including white, cream, blue, yellow, silver and black designed to match your room décor.

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Venetian Blinds starting from £26.20

Style and value

Everyone loves venetian blinds. They have been prominently featured in popular films since the early 1950s to create a dramatic effect in black and white detective or mystery films. Even today you’d be hard pressed to find a movie or television set complete without a some stylish and versatile venetian blinds.

Historically speaking venetian blinds have not been around that long and were thought to have originated in Persia. In France venetian blinds are still referred to as “Les Persiennes” but you’ll be pleased to know that in 1969 it was a British gentleman by the name of Edward Beran who patented the style and design. The patent for the venetian blind was originally registered in London and its popularity quickly spread around the world after the Second World War when aluminum mass production became possible.

The utility of the venetian blind lends itself to both commercial and residential use. The horizontal slats can be adjusted by varying degrees to moderate light and provide privacy. They can be drawn to the top of the window frame to add in full light or dim light at a custom angle. The overall design esthetic of the venetian blind is clean linear presentation which suits any interior from neoclassic to contemporary.

Affordability is another winning attribute of the popular venetian blind. We offer a variety of stylish colours starting from only £19.59 which makes the venetian blind an economical alternative and suitable for any budget. If you are not looking to make a long term commitment to your window coverings, venetian blinds are an affordable way to experiment with different colours and options and be creative within your space. Be inspired by bold colours and contrasting shades for a modern look or choose a classic neutral shade to blend serenely with the natural tones in your home.

Even at our incredible best price for venetian blinds, Made to Measure offers a one year guarantee on our products. Our website makes it easy to learn how to measure your window frames for ordering and customers who have never installed their own blinds have commented that our user friendly video tutorials provided all the information they needed to purchase and install their new blinds with confidence.

Start by browsing the different colour options and refresh your space and add value to your home with quality window coverings from Made to Measure Blinds UK.

Our affordable aluminum venetian blinds come in a variety of shades and fashion colours. Choose something bright and cheerful in a bold solid hue such as Scarlet Matt or Buttercup Gloss. Define your window and your contemporary space with a darker shade of venetian blind such as Charcoal Grey.

If you need further assistance then see our product information page, how to measure page with a video guide or how to install instructions.

You can choose a colour and finish style for your Venetian blind from the swatches above. Check pricing and place an online order with Made to Measure Blinds UK by following the simple numbered steps above:

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