Vertical Blinds Information

Link to vertical blind product page.Vertical blinds offer privacy with light control and have a modern simplistic look. In addition, a vertical blind provides a great alternative to net curtains as they just wipe clean. They will also protect your furniture and furnishings from fading due to the sun's harmful UV rays.

Vertical blinds are easy to control - rotate the louvres through 180 degrees and draw left, right or split.

We have four price bands within this range and fabrics include polyester, jacquard, plains, stitchbond and patterned, with matching fabrics to roller blinds.

Watch our vertical blind 43sec product video.

What's in the box?

Image title Vertical blinds what's in the box.

Please note we only supply one set of the appropriate brackets per blind dependant on your order request.

  1. Louvres with weights and chains attached
  2. Top fix clip.
  3. Rawl plugs No 6 x 2cm woodscrews or No 8 x 3cm dependant on brackets requested
  4. Hangers for the louvres
  5. Face fix brackets
  6.  Child safety device, installation mandatory

Image title Vertical Blinds 89mm up close.

  • Vertical Blind 3.5" louvres.

  • Colour featured (Florence Green).

  • Aluminium powder coated headrail.

  •  With white weights and chains.

NOTE: Child safety loose cords and looped cords.
Installation height not known.
“Please advise us immediately after placing your order quoting your order number via email, if your blind headrail is to be installed in excess of 2.5 metres from the floor. This is essential so that control lengths can be adjusted, otherwise blinds will be supplied with controls compliant with EN 13120 so will be supplied up to a maximum of 1 metre long.”
*If drop is greater than 2.5m then cord and chain length must be less than or equal to drop of blind minus 1.5m

As a leading UK vertical blind company, ordering from Made to Measure Blinds couldn't be easier - simply follow the steps here.

Don't forget, our blinds are delivered free to UK mainland if you spend over £149.00 and come with a comprehensive 12-month guarantee. All items are packaged to a high standard to ensure quality of goods upon delivery.

Vertical blinds 89mm Kookie Burnt Orange, Acacia Cream, Acacia Mallow.

Vertical blinds technical information:

  • Min width: 25cm
  • Max width: 410cm
  • Min drop: 50cm
  • Max drop: 250cm
  • White and brown headrails made of aluminium
  • *Note this is not an equal space system: one or two additional slats may be used to provide window coverage or to balance the bunch one side draw or split
  • Brackets top fix clip or face fix bracket 10cm in length
  • 89mm /127mm width louvres
  • Headrail box section 3cm wide x 2.7cm deep, total depth with truck hangers 4.0cm

Our pockets are stitched or heat welded:    
This is dependent on the fabric selected, fabrics marked with an* asterisk will be stitched. Others are welded. We do not glue our pockets.

Depth of blind in open position with top fix or face fix bracket

Top fix 89mm + handle depth or clearance  for free rotation
Face fix bracket 89mm louvres 13cm & provides 4.2cm clearance for handles
Top fix 127mm + handle depth or clearance given for free rotation
Face fix 127mm louvres 14.8cm & provides 2cm clearance for handles
For conservatories we would recommend 89mm louvres on face fix brackets, to clear handles

Ordered as BLIND SIZE (EXACT): blind made to your exact width. Drop will be less 1cm and will include brackets.

See below Q&A for infomation on orders for replacement louvres only and deductions made on a standard vertical blind to gain the louvre only dimention.

We deduct 4cm for the headrail and 1cm for floor / window sill clerance, a total 5.0cm is deducted from the orderd drop exact or recess.

Ordered as RECESS (INSIDE MOUNT): we deduct 10mm from the width and drop given, will include brackets.

White control cords, weights and chains with white and brown track


Q) What size will the bunch be at the side when the Verticals are drawn back?

A) We have provided a chart for all the widths below for 89mm and 127mm width.

Allow 1cm for each louvre. So a patio door width of 190cm with 89mm louvers = (25 louvers) = 25cm bunch.

Image title How many louvres will you receive in relation to width of blind.

Q) What deductions do you make when manufacturing our blind?

A) For vertical blinds we deduct 10mm from the width and drop of your blind if you order as recess.

If you order as exact then the width will be your exact size provided but we will still deduct 10mm from the drop of the louvres this ensures that they hang free from the window sill or floor.
All other blinds drops will be the drop size you supply.
If you order your blind as exact then that is how your blind will be made, the exact size you provide (width and drop), with the exception of a vertical blind as explained above.

Q) What deductions do you make from the orderd drop for a vertical blind to provide the louvre length only (ELL) exact louvre length.

A) This we call (ELL) exact louvre length, we deduct 4cm for the headrail and 1cm for floor / window sill clerance a total 5.0cm is deducted.

Polyester fabrics do not stretch and have a high resistance to abrasion.
The fibre does not absorb moisture readily.

Stitchbonds are non-woven, the warp and weft are simply laid on each other and bonded and secured with a running stitch.

Jacquards are constructed on special looms creating intricate woven fabrics allowing for the option of combining different coloured yarns.
Generally more expensive than simple woven fabrics.